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Transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

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1 Transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

2 Feudal Pyramid King Lord Vassal Knight Serf or Peasant or Townspeople

3 Decline of Feudalism 1. Attacks on the Church 2. The Black Death
3. The Hundred Years War

4 The Church Weakens Medieval Monarchs opposed the Church’s political power because: Clergy and monasteries did not pay royal taxes. $ sent to Rome instead of Royal treasury Church courts competed with royal courts Church officials interfered in political matters.

5 Church Weakens Babylonian Captivity (1309 -1378) The Great Schism 1378
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Church Weakens Babylonian Captivity ( ) The Great Schism 1378 * One Pope in Avignon, one in Rome Demands for reform * John Wycliff * John Huss Picture from John Wycliff’s Bible

6 Pieter Brueghel "the Elder" (c.1530-1569)
THE TRIUMPH OF DEATH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Pieter Brueghel "the Elder" (c )

7 The Black Plague Forms: pneumonic plague; septicemic plague; bubonic plague Spread – Silk Road through Gobi Desert Began in Sicily in 1347, hit Russia within 6 years Factor that led to spread = Ignorance BLACK PLAGUE KILLED 1/3 OF THE POPULATION

8 The Black Plague                                                                             On the Left: The second pandemic of the Black Death in Europe ( )

9 Joan of Arc                                         

10 Hundred Years War War between France and Great Britain English were winning for first 90 years due to advancements in technology. Long bow Cannons Mercinaries 1429 Joan of Arc led French Forces Absolute rule instituted by Louis XI

11 Medieval Marketplace

12 Town Life Middle Ages - towns were small and based on agriculture; people lived in the countryside nobles held most power; owned land and provided knights for protection Status determined by birthright Renaissance towns grew society began to be based on commerce; people moved to cities Middle class gains power; limited power of feudal lords through charters; organized banks Status determined by wealth and ability

13 Growth of Italian City States

14 Rise of Renaissance 1. Growth of Cities
2. Rise of Merchant/Middle class 3. Rise of Humanism

15 Renaissance Definition:
Rebirth of ancient Greek and Roman art, learning and culture FIVE THEMES Individualism Worldliness Learning Antiquity Reform

16 Humanism Individualism: belief in the human potential Learning:
-studied Greek, Latin, astronomy, math, literature, history Petrarch


18 Age of Discovery Worldliness 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue

19 Protestant Reformation
-challenge the old order -rise of secularism

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