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What Else ? Other major events of the Middle Ages.

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1 What Else ? Other major events of the Middle Ages

2 Cities Grow Cities attracted traveling scholars Young men flocked to cathedral schools (later became universities) Studied grammar, reasoning, mathematics Writing about chivalry grew – Qualities knights suppose to have – Brave, loyal, do heroic deeds to win of a worthy woman

3 Black Death Cities usually walled in for protection and had limited space Houses crowded together – Streets filthy – Waste thrown from windows – Sickness spread

4 Black Death Wiped out 1/3 of Europe’s population in 4 yrs. Bubonic plaque Spread by fleas on rats Swellings, black bruises, death followed quickly!


6 10 Worst Plagues in History 10. Moscow Plague and Riot 1771 9. Great Plague of Marseille 1720 – 1722 8. Antonine Plague 165 – 180 AD 7. Plague of Athens 430–427 BC 6. Great Plague of Milan 1629–1631 5. American Plagues 16th Century 4. Great Plague of London 1665 – 1666 3. Plague of Justinian 541 – 542 2. The Third Pandemic 1855 – 1950s 1. The Black Death 1347 – 1351

7 Plague Black Plague: Discovery Ed

8 Decline of Feudalism Wealthiest lords had great power Thought equal of the king Crusades weakened nobles – Lost land when kings claimed land upon their death – King supported new towns for money – With $ hired armies to attack nobles King became powerful!

9 King John June 15, 1215 Runnymede English nobles gather, march to London Demand meeting with King John WHY???

10 BAD KING!! 1199 became king – Wants to increase wealth & power – Taxes people HEAVILY – Jails enemies unjustly! – Without trial – Clashed with Pope. (Oh No!) – Took church property – Pope excommunicates him!! (throws him out of church) – Pope declares John is no longer king!! WOW! Put him in jail! WHY? Because I said so!!

11 Nobles strike while John at weakest Make a list of demands John makes his royal mark on their document called the Magna Carta (Great Charter) You’re all a bunch of bullies! Waaa

12 What does the Magna Carta do? Limits king’s power over nobles Cannot jail nobles without just cause Cannot tax them without their agreement Paved way for first Parliament – (council that would advise the English king in government matters) England becoming more united!

13 Hundred’s Year War England vs. France (1337-1453) 1328 French king dies Edward III thought he should be king – He owned a lot of French land I should rule France. Look at my cool beard! Get lost Eddie!

14 Joan to the Rescue! England gains ground until 1429 17 year old peasant girl, Joan of Arc, joins army Believed God had called her to lead French at the battle of Orléans. She convinced French king Defeat English at Orléans + four other battles

15 Poor Joan English capture her Tried as witch Burned at the stake But 1453 France reclaims most of its lands

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