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Securing your Passport and Identification Leaving the Country:

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1 Securing your Passport and Identification Leaving the Country:

2 Passport Application Your passport application must be filled in to the best of your ability. The application must be signed by you and turned in to your travel representative. You must also have your photo taken for your passport. This is for identification purposes. Do not lose your passport. You will not be issued a second one. In addition, you will lose all of the travel points that are logged in your passport.

3 Business Letter In addition to your passport application, you must also submit a business letter requesting permission for your passport. Follow these steps to write your business letter.

4 Part One of a Business Letter Your Addressplace your address at the top right of your paper Your Name (First and Last) Mailing Address City, State and Zip Code Todays Date

5 Part Two of a Business Letter Addressees Informationplace the address of the person you are sending the letter to at the left WMS Passport Dept. Attn: Mrs. A. Manning 3500 Chapline St. Wheeling, WV 26003

6 Part Three of a Business Letter Salutationskip a line and add the greeting of your letter Dear Mrs. Manning:

7 Part Four of a Business Letter Letter Bodyskip a line and begin your letter. Skip a line between each paragraph. I want to apply for a passport to leave the country. I understand that I need identification if I wish to travel to a place other than the United States. Attached, please find my application for a passport. I need my passport because… On my trip I hope to learn…

8 Part Five of a Business Letter Closingskip a line and write your closing statement. In a business letter, the appropriate statement is Sincerely. Leave space to both sign and print your name. Sincerely, First and Last Name

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