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Top Margin: 2 inches Side Margins: 1 inch or default Bottom Margin: 1 inch Use the default font style and size (ex: calibri 11pt) Don’t use a fancy font/color, and don’t use a font size larger than 12 pt.

3 DATE Key the date at the top margin in business letters
EX: January 13, 2013

4 LETTER ADDRESS The person receiving the letter
Key the letter address a (QS-4 spaces) below the date. Use a personal/professional title (Mr. Mrs. Ms., Dr., etc.) before the receiver’s name. Include the following: Place of employment Street address City, state, zip code

5 SALUTATION Key the salutation (greeting) a (DS- 2 spaces) below the letter address EX: Dear Mr. Harris

6 BODY Begins a DS below the salutation.
Left align each paragraph. (Don’t indent) DS in between paragraphs

7 COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE Key the complimentary (farewell) close a DS below the last line of the body. EX: Sincerely, Sincerely yours, or Cordially

8 NAME OF SENDER Key the name of sender a QS below the complimentary close. A personal title (Miss, Mrs., Ms., or Mr.) may precede the name to show the title a woman or man prefers.

9 REFERENCE INITIALS If someone other than the writer of the letter keys it, then the keyboard operator’s initials are keyed in lowercase letters a DS below the writer’s name.

10 Complimentary Closing
Date QS Letter Address DS Salutation DS DS Body DS Complimentary Closing QS Name of Sender DS Ref Initials

11 Personal Business Letters
Margins are the same top: 2” sides 1” Key the return address at the top margin (The return address is the address of the sender) Includes the following: Street address City, State, Zip Code Next key the date single space below the return address Key the remainder of the letter using the same business letter format without the reference initials

12 Example 7706 Circle Dr. St. Louis, MO February 9, 2013

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