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Chapter 24 A World In Flames

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1 Chapter 24 A World In Flames
Section 1 America and the World

2 The Rise of Dictators The treaty that ended WWI and the economic depression that followed contributed to the rise of dictatorships in Europe and Asia.

3 Italy 1st major dictatorship in Europe
1919 Benito Mussolini founded Italy’s Fascist Party. (anti-communist) Fascism = aggressive nationalism They believe the nation is more important than the individual, and that a nation became great by expanding its territory and building its military.

4 Benito Mussolini Backed by the Blackshirts.

5 USSR 1917 – Bolshevik Party, led by Vladimir Lenin, set up Communist gov’t throughout the Russian empire. Renamed Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. One-party rule

6 USSR 1926 – Joseph Stalin became the new dictator.
1927 – began to industrialize the country. Millions who resisted were killed.

7 Germany New parties rose in Germany.
Nazi Party was anti-communist and nationalistic. Adolf Hitler, called for unification under one gov’t.

8 Germany Believed Germans were part of a “master race” destined to rule the world. Felt Jews were responsible for the worlds problems. 1933 Hitler appointed Prime Minister.

9 Germany Storm Troopers intimidated voters into giving Hitler dictorial powers.

10 Japan Many Japanese wanted to seize territory to gain needed resources. 1931- w/o permission, the army invaded Manchuria. Military took control of Japan.

11 America Turns to Neutrality
The Nye Committee documented the huge profits that arms factories had made during the war. People believed this influenced America into war. Americans began to support isolationism.

12 Legislating Neutrality
Neutrality Act of 1935 – made it illegal for Americans to sell arms to any country at war. Neutrality Act of 1937 – ctd. the ban and required nonmilitary supplies from the U.S. on a “cash and carry” basis.

13 Rome-Berlin Axis After the Spanish Civil War began in 1936, Hitler and Mussolini signed an agreement pledging to cooperate on several issues.

14 These 3 countries became known as the AXIS POWERS
Anti-Comintern Pact The following month Japan aligned itself with Germany and Italy. Pact required the 2 countries to exchange info about Communist groups. These 3 countries became known as the AXIS POWERS

15 FDR & Internationalism
FDR supported internationalism – trade b/w nations creates prosperity and helps prevent war.

16 Japan Goes to War 1937 – Japan launched a full scale attack on China.
Roosevelt authorized the sale of weapons to China, saying that the Neutrality Act of 1937 did not apply, since neither side actually declared war.

17 Next: Section 2 World War II Begins
End of Section 1 Next: Section 2 World War II Begins

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