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PEARL The Manchester College

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1 PEARL The Manchester College
Personal Employability Achievement and Reflection for Learning Clare Bromley

2 Aims To explain the ways in which PEARL is useful
To explain the five ‘constructs’ on which you will be being assessed To explain how we are going to complete the PEARL programme Clare Bromley

3 Objectives To know why we you will be completing the PEARL qualification & how it will help you in the future To have a basic knowledge of the five constructs To know how you are going to gain knowledge on this qualification Clare Bromley

4 What is PEARL? PEARL is a new tool through which your tutors can assess your personal qualities, strengths & weaknesses It is possible that in the future, it will be recognised and known by employers in jobs and universities This may be a way of telling someone how well you will do at being a member of staff or as a student. Clare Bromley

5 Where did it come from? What do employers like to see in their staff?
Willingness to learn Commitment Dependability Self Motivation Team Work Communication Skills Co – operation with others Managing yourself Clare Bromley

6 How Will You Be Assessed?
You will be assessed on five different constructs and how you show them: Social Skills Self – Awareness Empathy Managing Feelings Motivation Clare Bromley

7 What else you need to know……
PEARL is based on personal ability not age or how academic or clever you think you are – good hey ? No files, portfolios or coursework to do - GREAT !!!! You will be assessed by your tutor at various different opportunities E.g. group tutorials, individual tutorials, social events, enrichment, class work and class activities. Clare Bromley

8 What else you need to know……
The scheme will run alongside your normal daily classes and will cause little change to what you are doing At certain times of the year, you will have a chat with your tutor to let you know how you think you are progressing, this gives you opportunity to be involved - After all it is about YOU ! Clare Bromley

9 So, first things first – What Exactly Do The Constructs Mean?
Clare Bromley

10 Its over to you…………… In your groups write down and draw what you have discussed - don’t panic! Its what you think, try your best Think about the following to help you: - When that construct might be used? Where it might be used? Who might use that construct? - Why is that construct important or useful to have? Clare Bromley

11 The PEARL constructs Clare Bromley

12 Social Skills? I can make others feel welcome
I can express my own opinion I can work within a team I can hold responsibilities in a team I can give constructive feedback to others I can make people feel involved and valued I can greet & welcome others I can use positive body language, listen & question I can build relationships with new people I can have a go at solving problems Clare Bromley

13 Self – Awareness? Knowing your own strengths and areas for improvements (weaknesses) Understanding feelings and your own feelings and how they can effect others. Understanding your own personality & abilities Being able to manage change Knowing & Being able to express suitable feelings and emotion – e.g. happiness, sadness, anger, guilt, dislike, excited, Clare Bromley

14 Empathy? Putting yourself in someone else's shoes or situation
Recognising someone’s feelings Understanding someone’s point of view Letting others have an opinion or ‘a say’ Being approachable and warm Respecting others – even if they are different to you Listening to & supporting others Clare Bromley

15 Managing Feelings? Knowing how to behave in different situations & places Thinking before you act Thinking before you speak Being able to talk about and share feelings. Being able to or trying to cope with difficult feelings or situations Trying to turn negative feelings into positive ones Not loosing control Accepting when you make a mistake or loose at something Clare Bromley

16 Motivation? Understanding what goals are
Being able to look at the future Setting targets for yourself Being moved to do something Being curious, taking an interest in things Wanting to learn , new things maybe? Taking part Clare Bromley

17 Any Questions? Clare Bromley

18 Recap PEARL is a tool to help increase your employability, friendships, relationships, potential and future. You will receive a recognised qualification & certificate at the end of the assessments which you can take to interviews with employers/ universities Clare Bromley

19 How you can progress by being aware of what your own qualities are
Enjoy the activities that we will be doing to learn about the constructs Think about what else you are achieving along with your studies by doing this How you can progress by being aware of what your own qualities are Clare Bromley

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