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‘Interview Skills’ For Post-Primary Students

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1 ‘Interview Skills’ For Post-Primary Students

2 What is an Interview?

3 What is an Interview? An Interview is a conversation between two or more people, Questions are asked to find out if the applicant is suitable for the job. The Interview centres around one main question…‘Why should I give this job to you?’ Communication – Two way.

4 Fail to Prepare….. ..….Prepare to Fail !!

5 How to prepare Yourself personally for the Interview?

6 Create a positive first impression!
Clothes Shoes Hair Make-up Jewellery

7 The ‘Interview’ Itself
Appearance Eye Contact Company Knowledge Communication Skills Enthusiasm Honesty Self-Confidence

8 Your Curriculum Vitae Should you bring your CV to an interview?

9 Example of a Bad and Good Interview
Click Here

10 Individual Task New Word Document Interview Preparation:
Heading = Interview Preparation: What should I do to prepare for an interview? 6 sentences in Bullet point format What should not be done in advance of an interview?


12 PREPARATION Do your homework. Prepare answers in advance.
Most companies these days have their own web sites. Learn something about them before you attend for interview. Use this information to ask questions. Prepare answers in advance. Think about the questions the interviewer may ask you. Be open about your weaknesses. Be able to turn these into strengths. Interviewers expect people to emphasize their strengths and not to dwell on their weaknesses. Review your CV. Plan how you will address any "time gaps". For instance, if you took a year off after leaving University/college make sure you have a legitimate explanation. Find out the location of the interview. Ensure your arrive on time. Dress appropriately. Good grooming is essential.

13 DURING THE INTERVIEW Keep relaxed. Maintain eye contact.
Listen attentively. Show that you are interested. Answer with confidence. If you don’t know - say so! Don’t spoof! If you don’t understand - say so! Ask them what they mean or if they can rephrase the question. Be positive!

14 Interview Questions Interview questions are used to assess a candidates suitability for employment. The interviewer(s) will normally begin by asking you questions based on your application form/curriculum vitae, e.g. educational details, hobbies and interests, achievements etc. The interviewer(s) will then proceed to more in-depth questions……

15 Sample Interview Questions (1)
In your work experience, what were your duties and responsibilities? How do you feel you related with your colleagues? In giving you this job, what skills and/or qualities will you bring to the position? What do you believe are your strengths and/or weaknesses? What skills or qualities do you believe are essential for this position and why?

16 Sample Interview Questions (2)
What makes you believe you can work as part of a team? What qualities and/or skills are needed, in your opinion, to work as part of a team? What would you like to achieve from this job if successful? Where do you see yourself in five years time? How did you deal with a difficult situation in your previous employment or how would you deal with a hypothetical problem in this job?

17 Sample Job Application Advertisement
Sales Assistant Full Time Required for large TV & Electrical Store. Retail Experience an advantage. Applicants should be self-motivated and have good communication skills. A letter of application, together with a current curriculum vitae, should be sent to: The Manager, Electrical Superstore Ltd., Westgate Retail Park, Limerick.

18 Using the sample job application advertisement…
To do… Using the sample job application advertisement… Working in pairs, prepare 5 questions for this job interview and then prepare the answers to these questions Working pairs, role play a job interview. Each student should take turns being the interviewer and the interviewee.


20 Be Enthusiastic Be Positive Smile!!!! Dress correctly Don’t be a robot!!!

21 Tell me a bit about yourself…
Name, age, family, school, Leaving Certificate including Link Modules

22 2) What are you hoping to do after you finish your Leaving Certificate?
College course, points required, subjects required, alternative pathway, career investigation, interview person/ job shadow in that career.

23 3) You are doing the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, as part of the programme you did some work experience, can you tell me about that. Where you did it? What duties you carried out? How you planned for it? Whether you will follow a career in that area, and if so what the work experience taught you about the job, If not why? Has the work experience taught you something that puts you off that career path? Be specific – skill you learned/developed and how exactly you developed this skill Will you pursue career? - YES - this W.E. has taught me…I now that this is the career for me and I am more focused than ever to succeed in my L.C…. - NO - I did not enjoy this work experience as its an area I’m not interested in... I am more focused than ever to succeed in my L.C. and get the career which I want…

24 4) You had a visitor to your classroom, can you tell me about the visit? (Name, company, background, what was the talk about) Linked to your Summary Report – who visited, what you learned, what your job was etc.

25 5) You were involved in an enterprise or action project can you tell me about that: Planning the team, the product, the research, the challenges, the final outcome, skills learnt, finance, qualities acquired. This is linked to your Enterprise Action Plan – say exactly what your particular job was and again the skills you developed

26 6) Can you tell me what you gained from the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme? Activities: interviews, visits etc Skills: teamwork skills, communication skills, research skills, interpersonal skills, organisational skills, technology skills, Assessment: points for Leaving Certificate and Portfolio 60%, timing of written paper etc

27 7) Finally what advice would you give to a student participating in the LCVP? Personal experience……………….Again be positive, it’s a great programme, I’d definitely recommend it, it’s hands on practical work, I’m now more prepared for the world of work, you can have 60% of exam done etc.

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