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Presented by the Virginia 4-H Science and Technology Committee PowerPoint 101.

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2 Presented by the Virginia 4-H Science and Technology Committee PowerPoint 101

3 Organization is the key to success! C:\\ 4H_Data Store your movies, sound clips and PowerPoint presentation in the same folder.

4 Don’t Forget to Save Select the File Menu, and click the Save command.

5 … then select the AutoContent Wizard on the presentations tab. AutoContent Wizard n First, select the File menu and click the New command.

6 AutoContent Wizard n When you pick your topic, the AutoContent Wizard builds a starter presentation for you.

7 My own words AutoContent Wizard n Replace the suggested topics with your own words.

8 Design Templates n The AutoContent Wizard starts you out with a design. n To pick another design for your presentation, choose Apply Design from the Format menu.

9 Design Templates

10 n Any time you want to add a slide, click the New Slide button. Add new slides and pick the layout that best suits your needs. Add New Slides

11 click to add title Add New Slide n Once the layout is selected just follow the on-screen instructions to click and type your text. click to add text Add bullet points here It’s easy Bullets appear automatically –T–Tab to indent Slide Title

12 Presentation Views n Change the view in your presentation by clicking on the View buttons at the bottom of your screen.

13 Slide View Outline View Slide Sorter View Notes Page View Slide Show View Presentation Views

14 Ways to use Slide view Create individual slides Type text Add and arrange graphics Select or change the slide layout Slide View

15 Ways to use Outline View Organize your thoughts Outline main ideas Decide on major sections of your presentations Enter the content Type directly into outline view Move text and slides around Outline View

16 Slide Sorter View

17 Notes View

18 See your presentation interactively on your desktop computer Slide Show View

19 Master Slide Master n Place text and graphics on all slides by selecting the View menu and click the Slide Master command. Add items to the slide master.

20 Color Scheme Color Schemes n Automatically apply color changes to one... or to all slides with the Slide Color Scheme command. Choose the Format menu and select the Slide Color Scheme command.

21 Drawing Tools n Try enhancing your art with: u Color gradients u Textures and patterns u 3-D effects u Special text effects

22 This is the easiest way to add graphics to your presentation! Clip Art n On the Menu Bar choose n Insert n Picture n Clip Art

23 Then click a shape and drag on your slide to create it. AutoShapes n Click the AutoShapes button to see your choices.

24 Just click, and type your text... Text moves with the AutoShap e AutoShapes n You can click-and-type in any AutoShape you draw. n Move the shape and the text moves with it.

25 23.5 Charts n Click the Chart button to add a new chart n Type over PowerPoint’s sample data to enter your data on the datasheet. PowerPoint automatically displays your chart.

26 Click Organization Chart on the Insert Picture menu selection... Organizational Charts

27 u Type your information in the boxes u To see the chart on your slide, click File Update

28 M Pictures are worth a 1000 words Graphics and Photos Multimedia Add a narrator’s voice Add sound effects Run a CD in the background Draw attention with movies

29 Multimedia n It’s easy to add pictures, sounds, and movies to your presentation. n Choose the Insert menu and select Picture or Movies and Sounds command.

30 World Wide Web Select the Insert menu and choose the Hyperlink command to link to Web pages.

31 Electronic Slide Shows n Make exciting electronic slide shows with PowerPoint that include: u Slide transition effects u Animation effects u Text builds u Interactivity

32 Electronic Slide Shows n To use PowerPoint’s special slide show features, choose the Slide Show menu. Animations, Action Buttons and a lot more are easily accessible.

33 …to control the sequence and timing of your animations and to choose even more animation effects. Select Custom Animations in the Slide Show menu... Animation Effects

34 To Make the Best Better

35 Choose the File Menu and select the Pack and Go command Don’t Forget to Pack n Set up your presentation so it’s ready to go with the Pack And Go Wizard. u Compresses your presentation and related sounds and movie clips u Saves your presentation on as many disks as needed

36 A Little More Help n Help is just a click away u PowerPoint Central u Office Assistant u Office 97 CD-ROM u PowerPoint Website

37 PowerPoint Central n Go to PowerPoint Central for more PowerPoint tips and extra clip art. Choose the Tools menu and select the PowerPoint Central command

38 Get to know your Office Assistant n The Office Assistant provides tips for tasks, helps you search for information and is your gateway to on-line help. Choose the Help menu and select the Microsoft PowerPoint Help command

39 Don’t forget your Office CD-ROM n The Clipart directory on the MS Office CD-ROM has u over 3400 clip art images u photographic images u video u sound and music

40 PowerPoint Website n Visit the PowerPoint Website to keep up-to-date with the latest information about PowerPoint.

41 I Love it when a show comes together! PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

42 Questions

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