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2 Different Views/Play Show
Tool Bars Task Pane Slide Thumbnails Different Views/Play Show

3 Drop Down Menu File Used just like the File Menu from any other office application. Here you can save, open, print.

4 Drop Down Menu Edit Used just like the File Menu from any other office application. This menu is where you can cut and paste or undo anything you might not want to have done.

5 Drop Down Menu View This menu allows you to change what you are going to view. This is also the menu you can use to set up a master slide. This menu also allows you to view different tool bars that might not be readily available.

6 Drop Down Menu Insert The insert menu allows you to add new slides, add a text box, insert pictures, movies, sounds, and charts.

7 Drop Down Menu Format The format menu is used primarily for slide design or layout.

8 Drop Down Menu Slide Show
The slide show menu allows you to view the show, add action buttons, work on animations and slide transitions.

9 Picking a slide design Drop down the format menu and click on slide design. Or above the task pane will be a button for design. Then choose the design you want from the task pane. From that task pane you can work on background, color. This will apply that design to all of the slides. You can change this at anytime while you are making the show.

10 Inserting a new slide Drop down insert menu then choose new slide.
Top right hand part of the screen, click new slide. Then select the slide layout.

11 How to insert a picture, movie clip or sound.
Drop down the insert menu. Click on whatever it is you want to insert. Make sure anything you want to insert is saved to your computer.

12 Adding animation or Effect
After you have pictures and text on the PowerPoint you can add effects and animation. By right clicking on picture or text box and picking custom animation.

13 Adding Effects After right clicking the task pane will become custom animation. Click on add effects and you will be able to add effects to the object you had selected earlier by right clicking.

14 More than one effect on a slide.
The task pane will show you all of the effects you have on that slide. By clicking on the arrows you will be able to change the order or the effect that you have on the object. Here you can work on timing and how they start.

15 Customizing the Sound Clip
After inserting the sound it will ask if you want it to play automatically. Then right click on the sound and select custom animation. Here you will decide how long you want your sound to play and when to start.

16 After picking custom animation the sound will open up in the task pane
After picking custom animation the sound will open up in the task pane. Click on the arrow to pull down the menu to play with the sound.

17 Adding Action Buttons Drop down the slide show menu and you will see the choice for action buttons. Select the button you want to insert. Move the cursor where you want it and left click.

18 Adding a hyperlink to the button
After inserting the button the action setting menu will open up. Here you can link the button to any slide or web page or insert a sound. You can also add text boxes over the button to write on them.

19 Adding hyperlinks to text or pictures
Right click on the picture or text. Select hyperlink from the drop down menu.

20 Adding the link After clicking hyperlink you will get a new menu
Here you can link the text to a new slide, a file on the computer, or website.

21 Slide Transition Using this menu you can change how each slide comes into sight. This is under Slide Show drop Down Menu.

22 Slide Transitions The task pane will open and now you can choose random slide transitions or one transition and apply it to all slides.

23 Placing PowerPoints On ECHALK
After logging into eChalk on one of your class pages you will have the chance to add resources. Click add

24 Click on add a file from your local computer and next.

25 Here browse you files for the one you want to add, double click and save it.

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