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Learning PowerPoint Starting and Customizing a PowerPoint Slide Show.

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1 Learning PowerPoint Starting and Customizing a PowerPoint Slide Show

2 Customize the PowerPoint Window Task Pane – Drag the task pane title bar to float the pane in your work area or dock it on either side. – Other Task Panes Notes Pane – Used by presenter to add notes about slide Tool Bars – View, Toolbars – Standard, Formatting, Drawing

3 PowerPoint Views Normal View – Outline Tab Rearrange lists, paragraphs, and individual slides. – Slides Tab Thumbnail or miniature view of slides. Slide Sorter View – View of all slides. Slide Show View – View slide on entire screen.

4 Slides Placeholders – Boxes that automatically display when you create a slide depending on the slide layout selected. Text and Content Areas – Surrounded by dotted outline. – Number of areas depend on the slide layout selected.

5 Choosing a Design Template Blank Presentation (Default) – Use a blank design to concentrate on the words and message before adding color and design. Design Template – Provides consistency in design and color throughout entire presentation. AutoContent Wizard – Creates a presentation quickly and efficiently by answering prompts for specific content criteria.

6 Creating a Title Slide Title Slide Layout Presentation Title – Line Wraps – Text AutoFit Presentation Subtitle

7 Text Attributes (Format, Font) Color – Light color text on dark background. – Dark color text on light background. – Readability when projected. Effects – Underline, shadow, emboss, superscript, and subscript. Style – Bold, Italic, Bold Italic

8 Text Attributes (continued) Font – Maximum of two font styles or effects in a slide show. – Ease of viewing. – Uniformity in capitalization and grammar. – Same font style throughout presentation. Size – Height of character. Point is 1/72 of an inch.

9 Creating Additional Slides Insert New Slide Delete Slide Changing Slide Layouts Increasing and Decreasing Indents Changing Views Rearrange Slides Check Spelling

10 Creating a Bulleted Slide Formatting Toolbar Single-Level Bulleted List Multi-Level Bulleted List – Second Level – Third Level Change Bullet Style Increase, Decrease Indent or Shift, Shift Tab

11 Text Boxes Insert Menu Text Box – Pointer will change to crosshair. – Draw box. – Drag sizing handles to correct size. – Drag and drop to desired location. – Format with font, font size, and font style.

12 Adding Shapes Drawing Toolbar – AutoShapes Lines Connectors Arrows Callouts – Word Art – 3D Settings – Diagrams and Organizational Charts

13 Graphics Insert Menu Clipart – Don’t cover text or be annoying. – Should enhance the slide. Pictures – Can originate outside of presentation software. – Colored and modified.

14 Animation Animation Schemes – Slide Show or Task Pane – Visual and sound effects applied to text or content. Each line can swivel as it displays on screen. Object can zoom in a variety of ways. Custom Animation – Task Pane or Right Click

15 Transition Slide Show or Task Pane Transition – Used to progress from one slide to another. – Maximum of two different animation effects in one presentation.

16 Hyperlink and Action Buttons Right Click Hyperlink – Connection from a slide to another slide, a custom show, a Web page, or a file. custom show – Can be text or an object such as a picture, graph, shape, or WordArt.pictureWordArt Action button – Ready-made button that you can insert into your presentation and define hyperlinks for.

17 Running a Presentation Slide Show View – Computer acts like a slide projector. – Slide is displayed on a full screen. – Start on a specific slide. – Can be run manually or timed. End on Black Slide

18 Printing a Presentation File, Print – Print What Slides, Handouts, Note Pages, Outline View – Color/Grayscale – Color, Grayscale, Black and White

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