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Guided Reading Activity 11-1

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1 Guided Reading Activity 11-1

2 I. The Election of 1824 A. Introduction – How many candidates ran for President? - Four B. Striking a Bargain – Who selects the president when no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes? - House of Representatives

3 C. The Adams Presidency – Why was Adams unable to achieve his policy objectives after the congressional elections of 1826? - His enemies controlled both the House and the Senate

4 II. The Election of 1828 A. Introduction – What negative element was introduced into the campaign? - mudslinging B. Jackson Triumphs – What were the results of the election? - Jackson won in a landslide with 56% of the popular vote and 178 electoral votes

5 III. Jackson as President
A. Introduction – What qualities did Jackson have that most Americans admired? - He was a patriot, a self-made man, and a war hero B. New Voters - 1. What did Jackson promise for all Americans? -----”equal protection and equal benefits” - 2. Who could not vote? -----women, African Americans, Native Americans

6 C. Spoils System – Who did the Democrats want to have government jobs?
- ordinary citizens D. Electoral Changes – When and where did the Democrats hold their first national party convention? – Baltimore, Maryland

7 IV. The Tariff Debate A. Introduction – Why did American manufacturers welcome the tariff? - The tariff made European goods more expensive, so Americans would buy American made products B. The South Protests – What did some Southerners threaten? - to have some southern states break away from the United States and form their own government

8 C. The Webster-Hayne Debate – Who defended the Constitution and the Union?
- Senator Daniel Webster D. Jackson Takes a Stand – Did President Jackson support states’ rights or the preservation of the Union? - Jackson supported the preservation of the union

9 E. The Nullification Crisis – What did the Force Bill allow?
- The Force Bill allowed the United States military to enforce acts of Congress

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