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Honors Biology Ms. Laura Leyda (626) x2203

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1 Honors Biology Ms. Laura Leyda (626) 573-2453 x2203
Website: (626) x2203

2 Book – Prentice Hall Biology
Honors Biology Book – Prentice Hall Biology

3 Honors Biology Grading Scale 45% - Unit Tests, benchmarks, quizzes
20% - Labs/Projects 15% - Semester Final 10% - Notes, classwork, participation 10% - Homework

4 Online Grading Will be able to login to see student grades and missing assignments for Science If you want to know how your child is doing, please check here first If you haven’t signed up, stop by the student center and they have a “live” sign-in

5 Honors Biology Science Notebook/Packet It includes:
All students keep papers organized for every unit Inventory Sheet It includes: -Cornell Notes & Homework -All Classwork & Labs -Syllabus & Lab Safety Rules -Corrected Quizzes Be Sure NOT to lose it!!!

6 Honors Biology Endangered Species Project
Projects Examples: Endangered Species Project Human Impacts on the Environment Genetic bioethics Physiology Case Studies Cell, DNA, and organ models

7 Topics - Semester 1 Ecology

8 Topics - Semester 1 Chemistry of Life

9 Topics - Semester 1 Cell Biology

10 Topics - Semester 2 DNA

11 Topics - Semester 2 Genetics

12 Topics - Semester 2 Biotechnology

13 Topics - Semester 2 Natural Selection

14 Topics - Semester 2 Physiology

15 What can you do at home? Ask about what they learned in class
If they have to explain it to someone that can tell if they know it or not Keep in contact with your child Look at Science Notebook Help keep them organized Encourage them to be the best that THEY can be, try not to compare them to other students

16 Resources for extra help
Read textbook Online educational videos (I have many links on website) AP Biology students tutor every Tues/Thurs 3-4 in Room B208 Find study partners/groups for reviewing I’m here every lunch to help students learn concepts and for them to figure out skills to help them learn on their own

17 If you have a concern about their grade
PLEASE talk to your child often they know why they got the grade the received and what they can do improve Have your child come talk to me. If they need help, I am happy to be there for them. I want to teach them responsibility Of course you can contact me first if there are extenuating circumstances

18 Honors Biology Ms. Leyda
(626) x2203 Grades, progress, questions, concerns, behavior, anything!

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