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4 th and 5 th period 2014-2015. Who is Ms. Kaplan???

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1 4 th and 5 th period 2014-2015

2 Who is Ms. Kaplan???

3 My involvement at DHS:  I teach Geometry, Trigonometry and Related Topics, and Intro to Computer Programming

4 What to expect in Geometry…  General topics in this course: geometric notation and figures, polygons, right triangle trig, congruence and similarity, circles, area, surface area, volume, proofs  This class is structured by a variety of partnered work, as well as group and individual work in this class.  Students will be expected to be “present” each day – by not only physically being in class; but by being an active, participatory learner as well.

5 Grading Policies… Summative Assessments (90% of quarter grade) Formative assessments (10% of quarter grade)  Mini Quizzes (mini quiz tracker) – not for a grade  Quizzes  Unit Tests  Homework checked on daily basis (assignment sheet) - 2 points if in on- time and complete, 1 point if turned in late (before unit test)  Labs, Projects  In Class Group Work  Calculator Skill Building

6 Online Course BookOnline Course Book and TI-Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator  Geometry book online Book has many resources ○ Online tutor for select problems ○ Additional problems ○ Solutions for many of the assigned problems ○ Extra practice and a nice visual  TI-Nspire CAS calculator Not only a “calculator” but a tool to guide learning Allows for quick check to see how students are progressing and immediately change instruction based on student needs

7 Future Courses at DHS… Next in the math sequence…  Algebra 2 Other course offerings…  Intro to Computer Programming  AP Computer Science: Java  Computer Science: Principles

8 How to contact me…  You can reach me by phone (224) 632-3226 or by email  You should expect a response within 24 hours of the email / call being received  I have a website that can be accessed from the district web sitewebsite  On my website are the following resources: Classroom policies and course expectations Assignment sheets Homework worksheets Select solutions to homework worksheets/book problems/reviews for chapter exams

9 How to help your son/daughter…  Encourage them to stay on top of their assignments  Encourage them to come in as soon as they are having trouble with anything in class!  If they miss class for any reason, make sure they keep up with the assignment sheet and ask questions on what they missed  Encourage them to go to Kahn Academy (online) and watch the help video on the topic they are confused on  Check Infinite Campus about once a week  Stress to your student that he/she can improve with effort Remind your student that we can only give our all and after that it is out of our hands. As long as your student tried his/her best, he/she did his/her job.  Don’t tell your student that you were never good at math You can say it has changed a lot since you took it You can say you don’t remember it  My office hours: EB M, W, F and periods 2, 6  ARC and Study Hub: open daily from EB-5pm (except Fridays)  Testing Center: open daily from EB – 4:30pm except Fridays (EB-3:14pm)

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