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Mr. VanAntwerp Algebra 1. Materials Needed Daily Notebook Pencil Text Book.

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1 Mr. VanAntwerp Algebra 1

2 Materials Needed Daily Notebook Pencil Text Book

3 Class Procedures Begin class with a “Do Now" set of problems to keep concepts (that may or may not be covered in the Algebra curriculum) fresh in their minds in order to prepare them for the PARCC Test which will be given in the Spring. “Do Now” question sets may also be used to spiral through earlier course material as the course progresses.

4 Class Procedures Continued Homework We will always discuss answers and review any concepts that may have given the students difficulty from the homework. Homework will be checked visually before we go over it and will generally not be collected. Students will receive a check plus, check, or check minus based on completeness and effort. We will ALWAYS review homework together and students will be given the opportunity to ask for explanations on any problems they found to be difficult. Homework will be used as a tool to practice concepts and to help students realize whether or not they understand the concepts. Occasionally, homework will be collected and graded formally. Class discussion that follows homework will also serve as an informal grade.

5 Class Procedures Continued Introduce the new lesson covered in the textbook. Notes will be given on the white board. Students will be given guided practice and have the opportunity to discuss the new concept. Independent classwork will be given and checked together for correctness.

6 Class Procedures Continued Students will work in groups when attempting to solve challenge problems after a new concept is learned. Homework will be assigned toward the end of the class period. They will generally have about 10 minutes to begin the assignment in class.

7 Grading MINOR GRADES WILL INCLUDE: Classwork Homework Study Island Assignments Skill Drills Do Now Quiz Class Discussion and Participation

8 Grading Continued MAJOR GRADES INCLUDE: Quizzes Tests

9 Grading Continued EXTRA CREDIT Daily “Do Now” problem sets will count as extra credit. Points for the week will be totaled and added a quiz at the end of the week.

10 Extra Help I will be available for extra help daily from 7:45 to 8:15 on an as needed basis. Students should try to let me know the day before they want to attend if possible.

11 Homework Board Under the “Helpful Resources” tab, I have included several video links for basic skills as well as lessons covered in the first two chapters of the text. I will update these links as we progress through the book.

12 Online Textbook UserName Student14063 Password n8p6z

13 Study Island Study Island assignments will be given on a weekly basis starting next week. Please be sure that students complete these assignments in a timely manner. We will use Study Island to help reinforce topics covered in class and also to help prepare students for the new PARCC Test which will be given toward the end of the school year.

14 ALEKS ALEKS is an additional computer based learning system that we will be using this year. ALEKS is a bit different than Study Island because it assigns topics based on students’ areas of weakness. ALEKS assignments will be announced periodically on the homework board.

15 Thank You I look forward to a fun and productive year with your children.

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