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Mrs. Hecker Room 168 Teacher website: Voic 630-534-7486.

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1 Mrs. Hecker Room 168 E-mail: Teacher website: Voicemail: 630-534-7486

2 Writing across the curriculum Quick writes, journaling, exit slips Short answer & essay responses on homework, quizzes, and tests 2 great tasks per trimester in class Better Learners -study skills, organization, goal setting, nightly studying

3 Units of Study in Course 2 The Number System Expressions & Equations Ratios & Proportions Geometry Statistics & Probability

4 Textbook Prentice Hall Course 2 The hardcover book may be kept at home online access available (coming soon) Access to worksheets, online quizzes, additional resources

5 The Math Binder What’s in it: IT COMES TO CLASS EVERYDAY!! Pencil Case with pencils, colored pens, highlighter, calculator Homework Assignments Notes Handouts Class Work It should also be going home each night! One central location to keep all math papers!

6 Homework is Practice! Homework is an essential component of class! Scored for completion and part of the work habits grade This is the time for the students to learn the material, make mistakes and learn from them Students must stay current with their work! Students are responsible for correcting their own work in class ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO ASK QUESTIONS IF THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING!!!

7 Proper Homework Format!

8 I finished my homework at school… Every student should be studying nightly! (10 min.) Ask to see the assignment & have your child explain to you how they did a couple of the problems Have your child review class notes Do a few extra practice problems from the book or online quizzes Practice vocabulary Practice math facts Math games on the internet

9 Standards Based Grading/Pinnacle Weekly scores for work habits: -Assignments-Behavior -Preparation & Organization-Accountability Please check your child’s progress! Academic Grades: Tests and Quizzes (Summative Assessments)

10 How to help your child with math homework: Have them re-read the problem Make sure they are referring to their class notes Look up sample problems in the textbook Call a friend Ask an older brother or sister internet The answer to a question should never be ? or IDK.

11 Thank you for coming! Please feel free to contact me any time during the year if you have questions or concerns.

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