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A Review of the Human Body

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1 A Review of the Human Body
Medical Terminology A Review of the Human Body

2 The Anatomical Position
- erect standing position - feet slightly separated - arms hanging relaxed at the sides - palms of hands facing forward

3 Anatomical Planes FRONTAL (or coronal) separates the body into Anterior and Posterior parts MIDSAGITTAL (or median sagittal) separates body into equal Right and Left parts TRANSVERSE separates the body into Superior and Inferior parts SAGITTAL any plane dividing the body into a left side and right side

4 Body Directions Medial means closer to the midline or middle.
Lateral means further from the midline or toward the side. 

5 Anterior (Ventral) -at or toward the front
Posterior (Dorsal) - at or toward the back Superior – above Inferior – below Proximal – nearer to the point of attachment (the trunk) Distal – farther from the point of attachment

6 Cephalic or cranial – toward the head
Caudal – toward the lower end of the spine or buttocks

7 Body Cavities dorsal body cavity ventral body cavity
cranial cavity – protects the brain Spinal cavity – spinal cord ventral body cavity thoracic cavity – heart and lungs abdominopelvic cavity abdominal cavity –digestive organs pelvic cavity – reproductive and urinary organs Pelvic cavity Abdominal cavity Diaphragm Thoracic cavity Cranial cavity Dorsal cavity Ventral cavity Spinal cavity

8 Divisions of the Abdomen

9 Regions Right and Left hypochondriac regions are below the ribs.
Epigastric region is upon or above the stomach Right and left lumbar regions. Lumbar refers to the inward curve of the spine. Umbilical region. (umbilic means naval and al means pertaining to. Right and left iliac regions refer to the hipbone area. Hypogastric region is below the stomach. The entire lower region of the abdomen is also referred to as the groin or inguinal area.

10 Peritoneum The peritoneum is the membrane that protects and supports the organs in the abdominal cavity. MED TERM ALERT ! -periton means peritoneum -retro means behind or backward Retroperitoneal means pertaining to behind the periotoneum.


12 Don’t forget lapar/o means abdomen

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