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Anatomical Terminology

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1 Anatomical Terminology

2 Objectives Students will be able to apply knowledge of vocabulary and terminology to describe and locate the following: Anatomical Position Anatomical Direction & Locations Anatomical Planes Anatomical Movements of limbs, joints, etc By taking notes on this powerpoint

3 Anatomical Position Anatomical Position is the standard reference point in which all positions, movements, and planes are described. The body is standing straight (erect) with palms and feet facing forward.

4 Anatomical Directions
These terms of directions are used to describe the location or position of one body part in relation to another. 1. Superior: being closer to the head, or above 2. Inferior: being closer to the feet, or below 3. Medial: towards/closer to the midline 4. Lateral: away/farther from the midline

5 Anatomical Direction 5. Anterior: towards the front of the body 6. Posterior: towards the back of the body 7. Proximal: towards/closer to the root of the limb. 8. Distal: away/farther from the root of the limb.

6 Anatomical Direction 9. Superficial: closer to the surface 10. Deep: Farther away from the surface 11. Ventral: towards/closer to the front or belly 12. Dorsal: towards/closer to the back

7 Anatomical Positions 13. Prone: Lying face down 14. Supine: Lying face up 15. Unilateral: pertaining to one side of the body 16. Bilateral: pertaining to both sides of the body

8 Body Planes

9 Anatomical Planes Anatomical planes are fixed lines of reference which divide the body

10 Median Plane Also called Sagittal Plane
Divides the body into Left and Right portions Midsagittal is the term used for dividing the body into equal left and right halves.

11 Frontal Plane Also called coronal plane
Divides the body into Front and Back portions

12 Transverse Plane Also called Horizontal plane
Divides the body into upper and lower portions

13 Body Cavities

14 Anatomical Cavities A body cavity is a fluid-filled space that houses and protects body organ(s). There are two major cavities of the human body Dorsal Ventral

15 Anatomical Cavities Ventral - contains Dorsal – contains
Cranial Cavity Brain Spinal Cavity Spinal cord/vertebra Dorsal – contains Thoracic Heart and Lungs Abdominal Digestive organs Pelvic Large intestine Bladder Reproductive organs


17 Body Regions The abdominal region of the body is further divided to provide more specific location for organs 9 regions 4 Quadrants


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