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Economic Activity Interactive Student Notebook ISN-R.

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1 Economic Activity Interactive Student Notebook ISN-R

2 1.Primary Economic Activity

3 Primary Industries: Gathering raw material such as timber for immediate use or to use in the making of a final product. Examples: Fishing Pan for Gold Petroleum Coal Mining Cotton

4 2. Secondary Economic Activity

5 Secondary Economic Activity: Adding value to materials by changing their form. Examples: Examples: Automobile Factory Textile Mill Furniture Manufacturing

6 3. Tertiary Economic Activity

7 Tertiary Economic Activity: Providing business or professional services. Examples: Salespeople Teachers Doctors

8 4.Quaternary Economic Activity

9 Quaternary Economic Activity: Information, management, and research services by highly- trained persons. Examples: TV, radio, computer advertising Stock market and banking

10 5.Natural Resources

11 Natural Resources: The materials on or in the earth that have economic value. Society must have the technology to transform those resources in to goods. Forests Fish

12 6. Infrastructure

13 Infrastructure: The basic support systems needed to keep an economy going, including power, water, communications, transportation, sanitation, and education systems. The more sophisticated the infrastructure, the more developed the country.

14 7. Per Capita Income

15 Per Capita income: The average amount of money earned by each person in a political unit, used to compare economic standards. Example: Per Capita Income

16 8. Gross National Product

17 Gross National Product: GNP: statistic used to measure the economy of a country, the total value of all goods and services produced by a country over a year or some other specified period of time. “I only wear American made shoes!” ?? MADE IN TAIWAN ??

18 9. Gross Domestic Product

19 Gross Domestic Product: GDP: the total value of all goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. Ford and Chevy Trucks American owned American manufactured American profit$$$$$$

20 10. Developed Nation

21 Developed Nation: Countries with a high per capita income and varied economy, especially with quaternary activities such as computer software development. Western European nations have highly developed economies. Examples: Australia Japan

22 11. Developing Nation

23 Developing Nation: Nations that have a low GDP and limited development on all levels of economic activities. These countries lack an industrial base and struggle to provide their residents with items to meet their basic needs. Examples: Bangladesh Malawi

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