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Economic Geography.

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1 Economic Geography

2 Economic Geography… …deals with how people earn a living and use resources and with the links among economic activities. Economic geographers group money-making activities into four categories.

3 Economic Activities Primary Activities Tertiary Activities
Use natural resources directly. Examples: farming, mining Tertiary Activities Provide services to ppl and businesses. Examples: teaching, nursing, sales, etc… Secondary Activities Use raw materials to manufacture something new Examples: factories (food, steel, furniture) Quaternary Activities Process and distribute information Ex: genetics research, computer programming


5 Level of Development Development: Steady improvements in a country’s economy and in people’s quality of life. Geographers use measures of development to analyze progress among different nations.

6 Measures of Development
Gross National Product (GNP)-total value of goods & services a country produces in a year. Includes U.S. companies located in foreign countries

7 2. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – Includes only goods and services created within the country.
3. Per Capita GDP – GDP divided by the number people living in a country. Useful for comparing income levels in different countries. Ex: US - $42,000 Haiti - $1,600

8 4. Level of industrialization – Industrialized means there is widespread machine power and manufacturing. If not, mostly manual labor and subsistence farming.

9 Additional Measures 5. Energy Use 6. Transportation Systems
7. Communications Systems (TVs, phones, Internet) Ex: United States –844 televisions per 1,000 ppl Haiti – 5 televisions per 1,000 ppl

10 8. Infrastructure – A system of roads, ports, and other facilities needed by a modern economy.

11 Standard of Living Measured by factors like amount of personal income, levels of education, and food consumption. Literacy Rate: the % of people who can read and write. Quality of healthcare, technology level, and life expectancy.

12 Ex: Ethiopia (Africa) US
-life expectancy: yrs yrs -infant mortality rate: -literacy rate: % % -daily caloric intake: 1, ,754

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