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Business Blapps Mastermind Sales Training and Meeting #1.

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1 Business Blapps Mastermind Sales Training and Meeting #1

2 #1 Why there is a market, who is that market and the proof it exists. #2 What to say to excite a business owner, why Blapps are different from directory apps, locator apps, & on coming competition. #3 What makes a Blapp tick and how you can profit more from it. #4 What is new and coming soon (SMS). #5 Live Q & A and discussion.

3 Proof That a Huge Market Exists! Google Knows The Internet and Is Focusing on Local – They said…. Small businesses are vital to America’s economic - future; the nation’s 27.5M small businesses comprise half the US GDP and create two-thirds of all new jobs. While 97% of Americans look online for local products and services, 51% of small businesses do not have a website. That is a lot of small businesses that are virtually invisible to potential customers looking online.

4 Google knows the Internet and is focusing on local – They want to sell Adwords Express in Google Places to this untapped market!

5 Google Knows The Internet and Is Focusing on Local Adeflkjalkj;lkj;lkjlkj;lk jlkjlkj;lkj;lklkj

6 Google Competing with Daily Deals Locally

7 77 Billion Dollar Yellow Pages Local Advertising Industry is Dying – All those advertising dollars are not being spent because of fear from the merchants. Why the Yellow Pages is Failing According a recent study by eMarketer, the Yellow Pages decreased 15% in 2009 with no relief in site. According to the latest research over 57% of all consumers have abandoned the Yellow Pages book completely for online searches! Since 2004 searches for the words “Yellow Pages” has continued to fall. At the rate of decline, in 4 more years no one will be searching for the Yellow Pages at all!

8 What to do and say to excite a business owner – You must prove how he makes an ROI on his advertising. 1.You have to meet them in person You should demonstrate the blapp live with a smartphone, but you can start with our video if you don’t have a phone 1.You have to educate them on how to get customers add their icon – they must build a community for themselves, not pay to be in a directory that lists them beside their competitors 2.You explain this is promoting their business and only them. They are in control and if they work the program like we teach, it pays for itself by communicating directly with fans of the business – called “tribing effect” in the Long Tail

9 You remind them: There are 150 million iPhones & 75 million Androids cell phones, even more iPads and Android tablets sold everyday! What if they could affordably reach these growing users with 1 touch of an icon? Their business logo can be installed as app icon on home screen of their customer’s phone or tablet? We know how to affordably make that happen!

10 How Business Blapp Different For Overcoming Objections What you see here are App directories and locator apps A Blapp is neither, it is a Wordpress Mobi site acting like an app

11 How Business Blapp Different For Overcoming Objections Other Web app systems are popping up and more will because it is needed service – we are better – here’s why We use Web app code with Wordpress that disables the Safari browser making it act like an app – we add to Android market, they don’t’ We built in a prompt that guides users to add icon to phone Unlimited pages of text, audio, images, video Video without YouTube 15000 Wordpress plugins We teach customer how or maintain content for them as upsell SMS text list building for push notifications We must train the business owner to promote their Blapp to get all the installs they can. The success of your Blapp is know how to make customer create and change “WIIFM” offers – Why share that with Groupon or

12 Introducing the Business Blapp A new way a business can have apps for phones and tablets, and be in control of the content that promotes their businesses

13 Mobile devices are where people now connect to the internet and how they search! Smart phones - Tablets

14 A Client Blapp Iphone Example You can get customers to a URL on phone by text link, QR Code, or Facebook

15 Client Blapp Example Customers prompt to Add to Home Screen

16 In just 2 clicks the Business Blapp is on home screen of a customers Iphone


18 Now on the home screen, it behaves like an app, but you can add content through the internet! A Blapp!

19 The Blapp Is Your Mobile Connection to Fans and Customers! Add Videos Add Coupons Tap to call News, calendar of events, contests Directions


21 How You Profit From Blapps You can sell for $497 to $997 but we are a vendor, your cost is $297 – you keep the profit or we pay commission This is why pricing is no longer on the website We pay 20% on hosting, maintenance, SMS upgrade or any business we get from your customer You can charge your customer to maintain their blapp content and send out SMS push notifications for monthly fee – that can be you business – we only require to do setup and hosting - 100 x $100 a month is 100K a year

22 How To Order and Get Paid We have to have a credit card on file for hosting rebilling, we do not accept checks at all. You could order your client’s Blapp with your credit card and collect money any way you like, check, and now You send them to our reseller purchase link through your affiliate link, or go to that page with client to order online, Be sure to go through your link, plus when you sign up reseller ‘s under you to get 2 nd tier commissions You can get a replicated site and set pricing to what ever you like – we will build a replicated site for you for $200

23 In US Only

24 Why we host Blapps and there is a hosting/licensing fee I developed a custom Wordpress theme modification that is not for sale, only licensed per user I developed a Mobile Video solution I do not sell to local business, only licensed per user I do not want to give access to the plugins and modifications on my server that could be copied create competitors for us. So not an option My purpose in blapps is to build a hosting income for us both, not just be a service. The option for a easy maintenance program business for you the reseller.

25 What is new and coming to Blapps? SMS Texting Upgrade

26 You should install this Blapp show demo to clients, it mentions no pricing – has demo non pricing videos SMS Texting Upgrade




30 Pricing will be $49 a month For system, plugin & 1000 messages a month, No roll over of monthly messages. Over 1000 messages.02 or.03 a message. $15 a month commission plus charge your client to compose and send messages

31 Live Q & A Mastermind Discussion

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