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A 21 st Century Solution For 21 st Century Publishers.

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1 A 21 st Century Solution For 21 st Century Publishers

2 your booksWe can get digital

3 The aPperbook Platform 1.Takes your existing book catalogue 2.Digitises them 3.Adds them to the Platform 4.Authenticates users and downloads to app on device

4 Where do you start? You will be asked to provide the following assets for each book: A high resolution PDF of the book 1. Chapter Listing Meta Data Book Data Any Book Resources e.g. video, audio, images, animation, links, files etc. 2.3. 4.

5 What happens next? 1.We provide a secure location in the cloud for them to be transferred to, and we take it from there. 2.It takes about 2 hours to add a book. 3.Any Book Resources e.g. video, audio, images, animation, links, files etc. can be assigned to books at page or chapter level

6 Keeping track The platform provides detailed Publisher reports on revenue and users Revenue Splits Shows revenue breakdown based on agreement 1. Books Usage Reports Shows book distributed through aPperbook Registered Users Shows all new registered users in the data range 2.3.

7 How will it look? A complete white label solution for your business

8 1. Custom Branded Website Your URL Your logo Your fonts Your colours & patterns Your content Secure server

9 2. Custom Branded Store Your books School Login Parent Login Single or multiple user licence auto generated Bulk Purchasing Full eCommerce EFT Workflow

10 3. Sells for Multiple Users Unlike other eTextbook Platforms, aPperbook allows you to purchase more than one copy of book(s), and provides tools to enable the purchaser allocate the books later on.

11 4. Custom Branded App Custom App(s) Your Business Rules Fully Branded Own Store Presence Tailored to your objectives

12 5. Available across a number of platforms Apple Android Online Windows

13 6. Comprehensive Publisher Tools Manage Books Manage Users Detailed Reporting Commerce Manual allocation for EFT Automatic Allocation Hybrid Model Update Books

14 Flexible Order/Purchasing Model 1. Traditional Bulk Order Through Rep or Over the Phone Take your order the old way School or Publisher picks books Customer provides PO You release licenses when PO received OR

15 Flexible Order/Purchasing Model 2. End-to-end self service and payment Allow schools order Books School Picks books online Pay By Credit Card Allocate books to students Distribute Licence themselves Parents can purchase online for one or more children also

16 Book Allocation Comprehensive Book Manager Tool

17 Case Study - Consortia ZA Books 30 Publishers Over 2,500 books Branded Online Portal with full commerce Branded iPad App Specific business rules and features 12 Million K12 students Branded web interface Branded app Fully branded solution for 17 Publishers in South Africa

18 Case Study - Consortia Fully branded solution for 17 Publishers in South Africa Branded web interface Branded app

19 What does it cost? 1.Set-up Cost for Customized Platform and Apps 2.Conversion of up to 100 books 3.Monthly SAAS fee 4.20 -30% revenue split on book sales

20 Benefit to a Publisher Monetise current and back catalogues Rapid enablement Trials for customers can be set up in 24 hours Low entry cost to meet demand for digital Allows publisher to compete Protects market share which is eroded by competitors with digital products

21 Benefit to a Publisher Easy to use and maintain, current staff can manage Nature of App holding all the books incentivises schools to source all books through the publisher Books can be updated and updates pushed out to devices Can provide online and offline access to books Can offer Additional tools including cloud back-up and synch between devices Available for iPad, Android and Windows Complimentary content can be added to pages

22 Spend an hour with us Trial your book in our system. We’ll demonstrate the aPperbook Platform and answer all your questions. We’ll show you how it is done, and how it can be done for your books!

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