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Smartphone Marketing.

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1 Smartphone Marketing

2 Smartphones 78% of the US population now have a smartphone
smartphone - noun [C] › a mobile phone that can be used as a small computer and that connects to the internet 78% of the US population now have a smartphone 54% of the age group own a smartphone 91% of smartphones operate via IOS and Android 68% of all website traffic is accessed via a mobile device 6.8 billion people on the planet, 3.5 billion use a toothbrush, 4 billion use a smartphone! More iPhones are sold per minute than babies are born!

3 Mobile Apps 86% of time online on smartphones is spent ‘in app’
mobile application - noun [C] › commonly referred to as an ‘app’, a mobile or smartphone app is a software application designed to run on smartphones or tablets native app: › application written for installation in a mobile device with more functionality than is available with a mobile version of a website. Users download native apps from ‘app stores’. mobile website / responsive website / web app: › website designed for the small screens of mobile phones, when user accesses a responsive website they are automatically redirected to it’s mobile counterpart for a more streamlined surfing experience. 86% of time online on smartphones is spent ‘in app’ 97% of app push notifications are read, read-rate is 4% 68% of brand app downloads opt-in to push notifications from app

4 Mobile Marketing Platform
DeltaTek offers an affordable but sophisticated smartphone marketing solution. It focuses on location based technology, revenue, rich push messaging, loyalty and user generated content. The solution consists of 2 main parts: The design and build of a smartphone app, for iOS and Android An easy to use Content Management System (CMS). We look after every aspect of the setup, design, build, and maintenance for your app. If you have an app already, the CMS simply plugs into it, boosting it with features.

5 App Build Steps You provide us with the details for your app branding
Background image Logo Menu labels We pull in your existing digital feeds e.g. Newsfeed Social Media Photos/Videos Events Products We build your app and once tested and approved by you, we publish on Apple and Android

6 App Marketing After your app goes live, we provide online tools, support and advice to help get downloads and promote the app to your supporters. Mobile Website Pop-up: We can provide you with a simple line of code for your website developer to add, so when your supporter accesses your website via a mobile device, a message pops up with the link to download your app there and then. Download App Badges: We provide you with the badge codes to place on your website pages, your footers and your social media pages to enable your supporters to download your app for Apple or Android straight away. Text Messaging: We can supply you with a simple widget that enables your website visitors to receive your app download link via text message. The recipients can download the app with one click from the message.

7 Content Management System (CMS)
See where your supporters are in real-time. Message everyone or just users close by. Geofencing enables you to deliver a targeted message to users when they enter a real world location. The push messaging feature enables you to send out text, images, videos, maps, product links and vouchers. Opt to use iBeacons to engage with users when they arrive at a location. Create a mobile loyalty scheme to reward app users and build customer engagement in your outlet. View analytics to assess which message has been most successful and how people are using your app. Add or edit content within the app quickly and easily. No technical skills involved! Link existing ecommerce store into your app.

8 Live Customer Map Imagine being able to see where your customers are in real time, right now! Perhaps they’re currently at a sports stadium, in the park, at a competitors store, or shopping at a nearby mall? We enable business owners to see where they are in real time and easily create and send an instant location-based message to their customers. The real-time message could include a special offer to tempt a customer that is currently nearby, to pay them a visit. The result is higher foot traffic, new revenue opportunities and increased customer loyalty.

9 Rich Push Creation Create and send powerful mobile marketing messages using our easy to use drag-and-drop editor. These messages may include Text Video Photo Map Share Bar Link Button Create a bank of message templates, branded and ready to go with a text edit and a new image.

10 Geo-Fencing A Geo-fence is a virtual perimeter
around a real world location. Add a Geo-Fence around a specific area e.g. location/event/retailer/restaurant. When an app user walks through this virtual perimeter, your pre-created rich message will pop-up automatically on the users phone. You can use the Geo-fence feature to deliver offers to your users based on their‘real world’location; perhaps offering them a special discount when they walk past their shop.

11 iBeacons An iBeacon is a small blue tooth device that is able to trigger notifications via blue tooth, to a smart phone that is located within its close proximity, between 1-150ft. iBeacons enable businesses to notify a nearby phone with content containing vouchers, loyalty or sales messages to their app users. While Geofencing is great for outdoor location-based marketing, iBeacons bring that functionality indoor.

12 User Generated Content & Moderation
Keeping your community engaged with your brand is obviously incredibly important. User generated content (UGC) is extremely valuable and mobile is now the easiest way to do this. The management system makes it really easy for your app users to send you a photo or video directly from your app. You can then approve the content in the moderation area. If approved, it’s added to your app and social media connections automatically, so the wider community can like, share and engage with your brand.

13 i FOLLOW US! For further information please contact: Ryan Kriske
Executive Director | Lead Project Manager (561) 10 seconds

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