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Bryant Montessori Science Fair

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1 Bryant Montessori Science Fair
February 22, 2007

2 Step One Select your science fair topic.
Each scientist needs to pose a question. For example: Do objects float better in salt water or fresh water?

3 Step Two Check project guidelines/rubric.
Be sure you have parents permission and assistance when using supplies and equipment. If you will need access to water or electricity during the fair, make sure to let your teacher know.

4 Step Three Make a hypothesis. Write it down.
This is an “educated guess” or prediction based on prior experiences and observations. Remember - it is okay if your hypothesis is proved to be incorrect. This happens to scientists all the time.

5 Step Four List the steps of your experiment.
Plan ahead. If your experiment involves growing something (plants or molds) be sure to allow yourself enough time. Be ready to modify your steps if things don’t go exactly as planned.

6 Step Five Make a list of the materials you will need.
Share this with a parent or teacher who can help you gather these materials. Remember that a tri-fold display board is the best way to organize your work.

7 Step Six Begin your trials.
Most experiments should involve several trials. You should have an established control. Only change one variable with each trial.

8 Step Seven Record the data.
Keep notes on all trials. Even those that didn’t work. Take photos of trials, if possible. This data should be presented as a chart or table.

9 Step Eight Write a conclusion.
Tell your audience what you discovered. How should the data be interpreted? State whether or not your hypothesis was accurate.

10 Create your display Your display should include the following:
1. A title. 2. A hypothesis. 3. Steps involved in testing. 4. List of materials. 5. Record of trials - a table, chart, or graph. 6. Results. 7. Conclusion. 8. Background information. 9. Photos or illustration.

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