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Problem Solving in Science

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1 Problem Solving in Science
The Scientific Method

2 Step One: Observation Science starts with Making an Observation
Example: “I wonder why my car won’t start.” Science Example: “I wonder what would happen if I put the plant in the closet.”

3 Step 2: Research Doing research before a project helps make sure no one has done it before Getting background knowledge - Learn about what you are going to be doing Think of some reasons for your observation or ways you could solve the problem

4 Step 3: Predictions What do you think will happen?
Example: My car won’t start because the battery is dead. Science Example: If I put the plant in the closet, then it’s going to die.

5 Predictions = Hypothesis
Hypothesis - fancy way to write your prediction in science 2 parts If [tell what you are going to do] - example “If I put the plant in the closet” 2. Then [tell what you think is going to happen] - example - “then it’s going to die”… “If I put the plant in the closet, then it’s going to die.” “If I get a new battery for my car, then it will start.”

6 Step 4: Test it (Procedure)
Follow steps to see if your prediction is right Scientists make very detailed steps so other people could follow them too

7 Step 5: Observe and Record Results
Use data tables and charts to record what happened Car example: Did your car start with a new battery? “The car didn’t start” Science example: Did the plant in the closet die? “The plant died.”

8 Step 6: Make a conclusion
Tell if your prediction was right or wrong - use your results to support it Being wrong is NOT a bad thing - lots of great discoveries have been made when something “went wrong” If your prediction was not correct, scientists begin the process again and try to learn something else

9 Conclusions #2 Car example: The new battery didn’t make the car start. What else can I do to make it start? It needs a new starter. The ignition is bad Science example: The plant die when it didn’t have sunlight. So plants need sunlight in order to survive. - HYPOTHESIS IS SUPPORTED - other scientists will test and see if you are still correct.

10 Scientific Method Flow Chart

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