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Welcome to Mr. Vins’ 3 rd Grade Meet the Teacher Night 2012-13! Agenda Curriculum/Subjects Schedules Communication & other important information Volunteer.

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1 Welcome to Mr. Vins’ 3 rd Grade Meet the Teacher Night 2012-13! Agenda Curriculum/Subjects Schedules Communication & other important information Volunteer opportunities Questions

2 Curriculum  Language Arts  Reading  Writing  Grammar  Spelling  Math  Science  Social Studies

3 Reading Curriculum Pennsylvania State Standards 1.1 Reading Independently 1.2 Reading. Analyzing, and Interpreting Text 1.3 Reading, Analyzing, and Interpreting Literature – Fiction and Nonfiction 1.4 Types of writing 1.5 Quality of Writing 1.6 Speaking and Listening 1.7 Characteristics and Functions of the English Language 1.8 Research 1.9 Information, Communication, and Literacy Technology

4 Reading Activities Guided Reading & Literacy Work Stations (Daily 5) Book Room - Thank you PTO! Guided Reading Journals Themes for anchor storiesanchor stories Formal assessments include cold reads, Holistic Reading Assessments, Fountas and Pinnell, and AIMSWebFountas and Pinnell AIMSWeb Book Reports

5 Language Arts Monday – Introduce vocabulary, the reading strategy using the anchor story, and introduce the writing focus (Spiral Writing Notebook) Tuesday – Introduce grammar skills, Guided Reading and work stations Wednesday – Guided Reading and work stations Thursday – Guided Reading and work stations Friday – Spelling test, reading buddies– Guided Reading, publish writing, and work stations

6 Writing & Grammar A new writing focus is introduced at the beginning of the week. Prewriting, writing, revising, and editing are done throughout the week. Publishing is done on Friday. Open ended responses are worked on throughout the year using TAG (Turn, Answer, Give details). Grammar is introduced on Tuesday. Rules and examples are written in the back of students’ Spiral Writing Notebooks.

7 Spelling Each week there is a spelling pattern for 15 of the words. The remaining 5 words come from the anchor story’s vocabulary list. After each theme a bubble test is given from the words that follow a pattern. Lists are sent home on Fridays, and the test will be given the following Friday. All spelling lists can be found on under Wexford Elementary – Third Grade Starting in October we will transition to Fundations. Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe is done in class and completed in the back of Guided Reading Journals. Cursive Spelling Practice is done in class.

8 Math Curriculum The text book enVision Math. 20 topics cover PA Third Grade State Standards. Tests are given after each topic.enVision MathPA Third Grade State Standards 2.1.3 Numbers, Number Systems and Number Relationships 2.2.3 Computation and Estimation 2.3.3 Measurement and Estimation 2.4.3 Mathematical Reasoning and Connections 2.5.3 Mathematical Problem Solving and Communication 2.6.3 Statistics and Data Analysis 2.7.3 Probability and Predictions 2.8.3 Algebra and Functions 2.9.3 Geometry 2.10.3 Trigonometry 2.11.3 Concepts of Calculus

9 Math Supplemental Programs First in Math – online math program that reinforces math concepts for grades 3-8. First in Math Math 24 Game – challenges students to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division to solve for 24. A classroom and third grade competition is held at the end of the year. Math 24 Game Knowledge of basic facts is crucial to students’ success throughout the year!

10 Science Macmillan McGraw Hill Science FOSS/ASSET Kits – Structures of Life – Plants & Crayfish – Chemistry – STEAM possibility of an additional kit Weather Earth & Space

11 Social Studies Communities Communities & Government Map Skills Explorers Presidents Pilgrims/Native Americans Customs & Cultures

12 Daily Schedule 8:55- 9:15 Arrival 9:15 – 9:30 Morning Work 9:30 – 9:45 Review morning work 9:45 – 10:25 Specials (PE, Computers, Music, Library, Art) 10:30 – 11:30 Math 11:30 – 12:30 Science or Social Studies 12:35 – 1:35 Lunch & Recess 1:35 – 3:05 Reading, Language Arts, and Writing 3:05 – 3:35 Customization Time 3:35 – 3:45 Complete Assignment Sheets & Dismissal

13 Specials Monday – P.E.P.E. Tuesday – Computer LabComputer Lab Wednesday – MusicMusic Thursday – Library & P.E.LibraryP.E. Friday – ArtArt Other Schedules - Reading Support, Learning Support, Speech, P. T., O. T., Math Enrichment, Reading Enrichment, and G.A.T.E.Reading Support Learning SupportSpeechMath EnrichmentReading Enrichment G.A.T.E.

14 Other Important Information Communication – Third Grade Website, Monthly Newsletter, Conferences, and EmailThird Grade WebsiteEmail Absences, Early Dismissal, and/or Vacation Requests must have written documentation – if you email please cc the office cc the office Grades – P, D, B, N, NA (online report cards) Homework & Assignment Sheets (complete last page & tear off on Mondays) Homework & Assignment Sheets Long Term Assignments Birthdays, Star Students, Classroom Parties, Wellness Policy & volunteers Book Clubs – Scholastic Book Clubs on line Class Code KWR78Scholastic Book Clubs

15 Volunteer Opportunities PTO Committees Homeroom Parent Classroom Parties 1.Halloween 2.Winter Holiday 3.Valentine’s Day 4.End-of-Year Third Grade Celebration – grade level, not individual classroom Math Fact Helpers Science Chemical Asset Kit End of Year – Field Day & Math 24

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