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Using NIMAC 2.0: The State Coordinator Portal NIMAC 2.0 for AMPs.

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1 Using NIMAC 2.0: The State Coordinator Portal NIMAC 2.0 for AMPs

2 What is a NIMAC State Coordinator (SC)? Each State or Outlying Area that opts into the NIMAC designates an SC. This person opts into the NIMAC on behalf of the entire state, regardless of whether the state is an open territory or adoption state. The NIMAC SC is responsible for designating and managing the Authorized Users of the NIMAC for that State.

3 What does it mean to coordinate with the NIMAC? States agree to require publishers to submit NIMAS files to the NIMAC at the point of purchasing print books. These files can then be accessed by designated AUs so that accessible formats can be produced on behalf of eligible students. Coordinating States and OAs agree to abide by the limitations set forth in IDEA 2004 regarding NIMAS eligibility.

4 How Do I Become a NIMAC State Coordinator? In order to coordinate on behalf of your State or OA, you must sign a NIMAC Coordination Agreement and mail it to the NIMAC. The NIMAC will then establish an account for you. The NIMAC Coordination Agreement can be found on the Authorized Users & State Coordinators page of our web site:





9 Logging into the System Once you have received your login ID and password, just go to the NIMAC web site: Click on the box Enter NIMAC Repository. From there, choose the link to Log into the system.





14 1. State Coordinator Home

15 State Coordinator Home From the home page of your account, you will see three tabs at the top of the screen: – State Home – Manage Authorized Users – Manage Your Account

16 State Coordinator Home Clicking on the State Home tab from anywhere in the system will return you to this page. This page provides contact information for the NIMAC, and for our system vendor, OverDrive, Inc. Should you encounter any problem or have a question, you can initiate an email message directly from this screen.

17 For help with questions about your account, contact the NIMAC.

18 If you experience any technical problem in the system, contact NIMAC Support at OverDrive.

19 Clicking on either link will open a new email message.

20 2. Manage Authorized Users

21 Manage Authorized Users The portal provides you with the ability to Add, Edit, and Delete your Authorized Users. The default maximum number of AUs is 5 per State. Contact the NIMAC at for assistance if you find that you need to designate more than this Click on the tab to enter the Manage Authorized Users page.

22 Manage Authorized Users

23 Adding a New AU In our sample screen shot, you may have noticed that one active AU account has already been established. However, when you log in for the first time, you will see the message, There are no active Authorized Users. To add an AU, just click on the Add a New Authorized User link.

24 Adding a New AU

25 Clicking the link will open a web form for you to fill out. When the web form opens, just enter the contact information for the new AU. Then click the Submit button.

26 New AU registration web form


28 Adding a New AU



31 Adding Authorized Users Once you have entered a registration for a new AU, you will see the registration under Pending Authorized Users. When you click Submit, the person will automatically receive an email containing the NIMAC Limitation of User Agreement (LUA). The pending AU will sign the agreement and mail it to the NIMAC.

32 Adding Authorized Users Please ensure that the email address entered is correct so that they will receive the LUA. If there is an immediate need for the new AU to access files, we can activate the new account upon receipt of a faxed LUA, while we await the arrival of the mailed hard copy. Our fax number is 502-899-2363. Once the account is activated, it will display under Active Authorized Users.

33 Adding Authorized Users

34 Manage Authorized Users

35 Managing Authorized Users You can Edit or Delete pending or active Authorized Users at any time. Just click the link to the left of the users name to perform the selected function. Choosing Edit will open up the accounts information. Choosing Delete will permanently remove the account from the system.

36 Edit Authorized User


38 Delete Authorized User



41 Final Note on AU Accounts AU accounts are established for a specific individual, not the agency as a whole. You are welcome to establish multiple accounts for persons at the same agency, if needed. If an Authorized User at a given agency is no longer serving that role, and you wish to designate a new user at the same organization, you will need to enter a new registration and delete the old user.

42 Manage Your Account

43 This option allows you to edit your email address, password, or security question. NIMAC encourages all users to change your password from the system generated password the first time you log in. Just make any needed change and click Update. The system will confirm the updates.

44 Manage Your Account

45 Manage Your User Account


47 Manage Your Account The page also has the option to edit your name, in the event that your name changes. However, we ask that you not use this edit option to transfer the NIMAC Coordinator role to another person. If you leave this role, just contact us and we will make the needed changes in the system.

48 Congratulations! You have completed this training PowerPoint. You now know how to: – Register as an SC with the NIMAC – Access the contact information to email NIMAC or OverDrive for assistance – Add, Edit and Delete Authorized Users – Edit your own password and personal information

49 Need more help? Contact us! Should you encounter a technical problem or error while working in the system, please direct those support requests to OverDrive: All other questions can be directed to NIMAC: 877-526-4622

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