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NIMAC for Publishers: Batch File Submissions. What is a batch delivery? Files larger than 60 MB must be delivered directly to NIMACs system vendor, OverDrive,

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1 NIMAC for Publishers: Batch File Submissions

2 What is a batch delivery? Files larger than 60 MB must be delivered directly to NIMACs system vendor, OverDrive, Inc., as a batch delivery. Files that are 60 MB or smaller should always be directly uploaded into the NIMAC system through your publisher account.

3 Manual File Uploads For information on how to use the NIMAC publisher portal to directly upload files, please download the Managing Inventory PowerPoint found on the Support tab. This presentation can also be found at the NIMAC web site by visiting:

4 How should I deliver files over 60 MB in size? OverDrive asks that files between 60 MB and 1 GB be provided to OverDrive by FTP. If you do not yet have an FTP folder at OverDrive, please email to request one.

5 Requesting FTP access In order to create an FTP login in for you, OverDrive will need to know the name of the publisher, and your NIMAC login ID for that publishers account. If the publisher has not yet created a NIMAC user account for you, you will need to request that they do this for you.

6 How can I deliver files larger than 1 GB each? Files that are 1 GB or larger should be burned to DVD and mailed to OverDrive: OverDrive, Inc. Attn: NIMAC Batch Upload 8555 Sweet Valley Drive Suite N Cleveland, OH 44125

7 Batch Load Notification ALL batch deliveries, by FTP or on DVD, must be accompanied by an email notification to OverDrive at :

8 Batch Load Notification This notification must include: –Your NIMAC account Login ID –Your FTP Login ID –Name of the folder the FTP files are in –A list of all files included in the delivery DVD deliveries should also include a packing slip with your NIMAC login and a list of files in the delivery.

9 Batch Load Notification In the Subject line of the email, please include the type of delivery, publisher name, and the number of files in the delivery. For example: Subject: FTP / SSG McGraw-Hill/ 21 files Subject: DVD / Houghton Mifflin / 6 files

10 Batch Load Notification: Here is a sample email with all the required information.

11 When your email is received, you will receive an automated response from OverDrive.

12 Automated tracking email (continued)

13 Delivery Tracking Number If you need to contact OverDrive with any questions regarding the delivery, please do so by replying to the tracking email for the delivery. Do not send a new email to FTPNIMAC as that will generate a second tracking number for the same delivery.

14 When should I FTP files? NIMAC inventory is loaded by OverDrive each Thursday. Please send one batch delivery per publisher, per week. Submitting numerous small deliveries causes processing delays as OverDrive must merge the deliveries before uploading them.

15 An exception … If you have both new files and resubmissions to deliver for the same account in the same week, please do not mix these files in the same delivery. Instead, submit new files as a single delivery, and resubmissions as another.

16 OverDrive Batch Load Excel Sheet All batch deliveries to OverDrive must be accompanied by the batch load metadata spreadsheet. This authorized sheet can be found on the Support Tab of the publisher portal, and can also be found at the NIMAC web site:

17 Validation Wizard ALL files submitted to the NIMAC, whether through manual upload or batch, must be run through the NIMAC Validation Wizard before submission. Submission of invalid or corrupt files creates delays in the batch processing queue. Please ensure your files are valid before submitting them.

18 Validation Wizard The Validation Wizard is available for download by all publishers and vendors from the Support tab of the publisher portal.

19 Downloading the Validation Wizard

20 Validation Wizard on Support Page

21 Click link to access download page

22 Download Instructions

23 Click Run to install on your PC

24 Using the Validation Wizard Once you have downloaded and installed the Validation Wizard on your machine, open the program and click on Select Source to validate your file.

25 NIMAC Validation Wizard


27 To validate the NIMAS package, navigate to the folder where the entire file set resides, unzipped. Enter the OPF file path. This choice will validate the ENTIRE file set. You do not need to run the wizard separately on the OPF and the XML files.

28 The wizard requires that the file set be unzipped

29 Navigate to your OPF file.

30 Then click Next.

31 The green progress bar shows that the tool is working.

32 The results will display on the screen.

33 The report can also be printed or exported. Just click the button at the bottom right.

34 Validation Errors Any errors that show up on the report must be corrected before submitting the file set. IMPORTANT: The wizard may not display every instance of the same error throughout the file. Be sure to correct all instances of a given error. Run the file through the wizard again after corrections to ensure that all needed changes have been made.

35 Corrupt Files After zipping your NIMAS file sets, please go back and check to ensure that the files were not corrupted during the zipping process. Just click on the zip file. If it opens, the file is probably okay and not corrupt. Please check all files before you deliver them by FTP or on DVD.

36 Getting help! For any questions about how to use NIMAC 2.0, the status of files in the NIMAC system, or feedback provided by our staff, dont hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance: 877-526-4622

37 OverDrive Support For questions or technical problems related to a batch delivery, contact the OverDrive Batch Team at: For help with any other system issues, contact OverDrive Technical Support at:

Download ppt "NIMAC for Publishers: Batch File Submissions. What is a batch delivery? Files larger than 60 MB must be delivered directly to NIMACs system vendor, OverDrive,"

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