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NIMAC 2.0: The Accessible Media Producer Portal NIMAC 2.0 for AMPs.

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1 NIMAC 2.0: The Accessible Media Producer Portal NIMAC 2.0 for AMPs

2 What is the NIMAC Accessible Media Producer Portal? The portal allows registered Accessible Media Producers (AMPs) to: – Log into the system and download files which have been assigned to them by an Authorized User (AU). – Archive file assignments that are no longer needed. – View contact information for publishers. – Update your agencys account information. – Export a report of your file assignments.

3 In this training… We will explore the NIMAC AMP portal by logging in and walking through each of the tabs of the portal.

4 But First: How Do I Become an AMP? Registering as an Accessible Media Producer with the NIMAC is free. If you have not yet registered and received a login ID and password, just contact us and well send the registration link. For more information and our AMP FAQ, please visit:

5 NIMAC Login Screen:



8 1. Accessible Media Producer Home From the home page of your account, you will see five tabs: – Accessible Media Producer Home – Publisher Information – View Download Queue – User Information – Reports

9 Accessible Media Producer Home Clicking this tab from any screen will take you back to the home page. On this screen, you can find contact information for NIMAC, and for Technical Assistance at OverDrive. Just click on either link to open a new email to either the NIMAC or OverDrive.




13 A Quick Note on Getting Help: Should you encounter a technical problem or system error while logged into the NIMAC, please direct those support requests to OverDrive: All other questions can be directed to NIMAC: 877-526-4622


15 2. Publisher Information This tab will take you to a list of all publishers registered with the NIMAC and their contact information. This information is provided should you need to contact a publisher to inquire about a file that is not yet in the NIMAC system or to provide feedback regarding issues for any other reason. NIMAC would like to be copied at on email inquiries to publishers, so that we can be aware of any questions or problems related to



18 To send an email… Just click on the contact persons name in the publisher listing display.



21 Detailed Information In addition to the alphabetical display, you can access more detailed contact information for the publisher by clicking on the company name. From the detailed information display, you can click on the web address to open up the companys web site in a new window.




25 Publisher Contacts Important caveat: The contacts provided by publishers to the NIMAC are administrative NIMAC account holders at each company. In the larger companies, these individuals may or may not be directly involved in NIMAS conversion. If you dont already know the person you are contacting, we recommend that you contact us first, at least for the larger companies.

26 Technical Contacts If we are aware of a better NIMAS contact than the administrative account holder, we can direct you to that person. Our system vendor is currently working on adding a technical contact field into the publisher information so that publishers can add a specific NIMAS contact to their listing, if they choose.

27 3. View Download Queue The Download Queue is where you will find the list of files assigned to you for download by a NIMAC Authorized User. When files are assigned to you, you will automatically receive an email from the system letting you know what has been assigned, by whom and for what format. NOTE: For this reason, it is essential that your email address always be up-to-date. We will talk later about how to update this info.




31 Download Queue Display Shows… Book information Title NIMAC Identifier Publisher of the title Assignment information Authorized User who assigned the file Format requested Date Assigned by the AU Download information Date Downloaded by you Download Options


33 Download Queue From this screen you can: – View your active file assignments – Sort your assignments for easier viewing – Download files by using either the XML or Full download option – Archive assignments that have been downloaded

34 Sorting Options The Download Queue default sort is by Date Assigned. Click any column heading to sort by that field instead. Note that the Download Date information was activated in January of 2010. Items downloaded before then will not show a date in this field.


36 Downloading There are two file set download options: – XML download (which does not include images) – Full Download (which does contain images) The XML download is much smaller and will download faster. If you dont need the images for your conversion, choose this option. If you do need the images, choose the Full Download option.



39 Downloading the NIMAS File Set Just choose the download option you want. The system will take you to a click-through Limitation of Use Agreement. Scroll down and click the I agree link at the bottom of the page. The file will then be fingerprinted and watermarked.





44 Saving the File Next, you will be prompted to Open or Save. Select Save, and choose a location on your computer for saving your file. You can also rename the file at this time, if you would like it to be named something other than the NIMAS Identifier.






50 Using the Archive Queue Just click Download Queue at the top of the page to return to the active queue. Once you have downloaded a file and no longer need it in the active Download Queue, just click the Archive link to move it to your archive. To view old assignments that you have archived, just click the View Archive Queue link on the Download Queue page.




54 Archive Queue Moving a file to the Archive Queue is permanent. Once archived, an assignment cannot be downloaded or moved back to the active Download Queue. Be careful not to archive files you have not downloaded yet. (If you do make this mistake, please contact the NIMAC for assistance.)







61 4. User Information There are 3 options on this tab: – Manage Account Information: Allows you to update your general agency information. – Manage Sub Users: Allows you to create sub accounts for up to two additional users who can log in to your AMP account. – Manage Your Account: Allows you to change your password or update your email address.

62 Manage Account Information This option is for making changes to your general agency information, such as your street address, web address, format capabilities, phone or fax number. Just make any needed changes and click Submit. The system will confirm that changes have been saved.





67 Note on Updating Info If you update your email address, you must also be sure to change it on the Manage Your Account page. The email address found on the Manage Your Account page is the one the system uses when sending out AMP assignment emails. The Manage Your Account page is also the page used to change your password. We will look at that page in a moment!


69 Manage Sub Users Sub Users are additional users at your organization. As the Super User for your AMP account, you have the ability to create user accounts for up to two additional people at your agency. Just click Add Sub User to enter information for an additional user for your account.





74 Choosing Rights for the Sub User Just hold down the Control key and click on the rights options to select the ones you want Rights options are: View Download Queue Download Title Manage Users (allows user to add/delete/edit sub users) Note: There is currently a redundant right that displays as Download Queue in the Rights options box. Please just disregard it.

75 Sub Users and DRM Files downloaded by a Sub User are fingerprinted and watermarked as downloaded from the NIMAC by the account. For your protection, we recommend that you keep a Limitation of Use Agreement signed by your Sub User on file at your organization. However, it is not necessary to mail the LUA to the NIMAC.

76 Automatic Emails Once you submit the web form, the system will confirm that it has been accepted. Your new Sub User will receive two emails from the system containing the login ID and password for the new account.


78 View Sub Users You can manage your existing Sub Users by clicking on the View Sub Users menu option. From this page, you can make changes to the Sub User information or delete the account. Choosing Edit will take you to the information web form. If you choose Delete, the system will ask you to confirm before removing the account.






84 Sub User Passwords You will notice that the Edit Sub User page does not provide an option for you to view passwords. If a Sub User forgets his password, he can use the Forgot Your Password link on the login page to have it emailed to him by the system. Or you can enter and save a new password on this screen.


86 Manage Your Account This option allows you to make changes to your own email address, password, or security question. We recommend that all NIMAC users change their system-generated password to a new password the first time they log on. This is also the page for setting up a security question.




90 5. Support The Support tab is the place to go for documentation for how to work in the system. Click on the tab and you will see the most recent PowerPoint training for the AMP portal. Just click to download the document in either PDF or PowerPoint format!



93 6. Reports You can export a report of your file assignments either as an Excel document, or as a CSV file. Just choose whether you want to download the Archive Queue information or the Download Queue information, how you would like the report to sort, and the format for the export.







100 Congratulations! You have completed this training PowerPoint! You have learned: – How to access publisher information – How to view, download and archive file assignments – How to create and edit Sub User accounts – How to edit your agencys information – How to edit your own account information – How to export a report of your AMP assignments

101 For more help… Should you ever encounter a technical problem or error while working in the system, please direct those support requests to OverDrive: All other questions can be directed to NIMAC: 877-526-4622

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