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COM MD CCQ SLI – Christoph Boeing – November 2004 Siemens Mobile Phones SF65 Presentation.

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1 COM MD CCQ SLI – Christoph Boeing – November 2004 Siemens Mobile Phones SF65 Presentation

2 Page 2COM MD CCQ SLI SF65 – Content Overview Content SF65 Info at a glance Key Features Highlights Design Technology Accessories Applications

3 Page 3COM MD CCQ SLI SF65 – Key Features Swivelling clamshell gives the look & feel of a real digital camera Integrated 1.3-megapixel camera with LED flash & self-timer Save up to 900 pics (wallpaper), 300 pics (VGA), 55 pics (SXGA) Enhanced picture editing Key Features SF65

4 Page 4COM MD CCQ SLI SF65 – Highlights Highlights SF65 The SF65 associate the best of the digital photo and communication on mobile Exclusive design: Pivoting display, using special hinge Valuable looking finishing: Two products in one ! Ease of use: One navigation key and special dynamic soft key Communication: IRDA and USB cable High technologies: Camera 1.3 mega pixel with flash led Display: 65 536 colour display

5 Page 5COM MD CCQ SLI Content SF65 Digital Camera: Colour modes, Self timer, Burst mode, Picture orientation… Surf and Fun: WAP 1.2.1, download media, JAVA MIDP 2.0 Messaging: SMS to group, MMS and Email Organiser: Calendar, Alarm clock, Voice Memo, Chinese calendar Tools: Calculator, Horoscope, Memory status, Unit convertor SF65 Highlights

6 Page 6COM MD CCQ SLI Details Design Applications Technology Accessory Devices SF65

7 Page 7COM MD CCQ SLI Design SF65 Overall Pure and elegant design conveys the message that SF65 makes picture taking and telephoning fun and easy. Form factor Clam-swivel design which allows an almost magic transformation from phone to camera back to phone with a simple twist of the top lid. Materials & Finishing Rich, non-metallic high-gloss paint to reveal a classic approach. Galvanized and metallic details to express the precision of the design.

8 Page 8COM MD CCQ SLI Design – Colours Design SF65 Polar White Black Edition

9 Page 9COM MD CCQ SLI Details Design Applications Technology Accessory Devices SF65

10 Page 10COM MD CCQ SLI Technology SF65 Hardware Weight Dimensions Standby/Talk Time Display Size Display Camera Flash Battery 97 g 91 x 44 x 23 mm Up to 400 h / 240 min 128 x 160 pixels 65k colours, TFT Integrated SXGA 1.3 M camera (1280 x 960 pixels), 4x digital zoom, LCD preview, dedicated camera Integrated LED flash Li-Ion 650 mAh Software Messaging Internet Access Network Type Data Transfer SMS, EMS, MMS Rel. 99, e-mail Wireless Java MIDP 2.0, WAP 1.2.1, Data download OTA via http Dual-band GSM 900/1800 GPRS Multislot Class 10 keys, Portrait & landscape mode, self-timer

11 Page 11COM MD CCQ SLI Picture resolution, size impact: SVGA (1280x960) VGA (640x480) WALLPAPER (128x160) Camera display icons on screen As soon as camera mode is activated, MS displays current view mode with associated icons: Resolution, Sleep mode, Self timer, Flash, Saving, Burst mode, Zoom depending on end user setups. Camera options special mode Display could be: B&W, Sepia Special effects: Frame option Technology – Camera Camera SF65

12 Page 12COM MD CCQ SLI Take a photo, many different ways: Options: Burst mode, Frames, Night mode, Picture orientation, Flash, Self timer Saving power, no more display: SF 65 will move to sleep mode if end-user does not use camera for two minutes. Press on any key to active back preview mode. Using photos, what can we do ? Photos can be viewed directly and also sent by MMS, Email, IrDA What camera settings are possible? Picture orientation – Burst mode – Torch – Frames – Vision Mode – Special Effect – Self timer – General Settings Burst mode: Please switch to Portrait mode top activate Burst mode. Just press the camera button and you will have displayed 5 pictures after the camera audio signal. Select the picture you like best. Technology – Camera Camera SF65

13 Page 13COM MD CCQ SLI Camera SF65 Technology – Camera handling Function Keys: Torch: Press Volume Up to activate torch. Press Volume Down to deactivate. Torch will last for 10 sec and will switch off after photos has been taken. Display: After two minutes of inactivity the display will enter the sleep mode. Press any key to reactivate Camera Zoom Volume Keys Up / Down Menu Key and positive action key Landscape / Portrait key and navigation action key

14 Page 14COM MD CCQ SLI Technology – Camera handling Camera SF65 When the self timer mode is on, the user can press the Camera key and the self timer starts to count down which can be seen on the display. When the timer reached the Timer Alert Value an alert sound is played. Zoom Table and Resolution The user has two options to use the camera: direct shot or self timer

15 Page 15COM MD CCQ SLI Details Design Applications Technology Accessory Devices SF65

16 Page 16COM MD CCQ SLI Original Accessories – Portfolio EMEA Fashion & Carry Energy Handsfree Portable Car Solutions Office Headset Basic HHS-500 Car Kit Portable HKP-500 Car Charger Plus ECC-600 Supports phone story Products compatible with 65 series* SF65 only For bulk only * Backwards-compatible Travel Charger ETC-500/510 Headset HHS-510 Li-Ion Battery EBA-680 Desk Top Stand Car Charger Headset Purestyle HHS-610 Multi- tainment Tour Case FCT-650 Data Cable USB DCA-510 Accessory SF65



19 Page 19COM MD CCQ SLI Design Applications Technology Accessory Devices Details SF65

20 Page 20COM MD CCQ SLI Photo Editor Zoom, rotate, flip, mirror, resize, cut, crop, clip and paste pictures. Also modify brightness and contrast. Add and edit additional objects, such as text, borders/frames and graphics. Logos, Pictures, Animations, Ringtones With pre-installed logos, pictures, animations and polyphonic ringtones, personalise your phone and create colourful and personal MMS messages. Cocktail Manager So youre ready to party? Cocktail Manager is a nifty application that serves as your personal guide and record keeper in the sophisticated world of cocktails. The application maintains an elaborate array of cocktails, including recipes and voice recordings after tasting the cocktails. Become a cocktail connoisseur! Applications SF65

21 Page 21COM MD CCQ SLI Worms Worms is a mobile version of the famous console game. Your task is to destroy the other worms with an assortment of devastating weapons. Each turn is limited to a set number of seconds. Use this time to position your worm in a safe place or go and attack the opponent's team. The battle continues until only one team of worms survives. Marble Maze Steer the marbles of one colour through the lanes to the outlets of the same colour by switching the junctions on the way to the right position. You get a positive score for each correctly sorted marble and a negative score for each incorrectly sorted marble. Applications SF65

22 Page 22COM MD CCQ SLI Info at one glance Information SF65 Standby time:from 160 to 400 hours in static position without keypad use). Talk time: from 140 to 400 min (same remark) Flash: One flash reduces standby time from 30 min to 1h Short key:can be changed under Setup – Phone setup – Hotkeys (28 possibilities) Data transfer:Via data cable will be supported end of December, Mobile phone Manager is working with infrared only at the moment Phone numbers:Not possible to allocate pictures with phone number Memory:is a general memory, no allocated space for Pictures – SMS – voice dial Eco mode: save battery up to 50% depends on end users phone use Modem speed:is 9600 Bit rate (GSM), GPRS class 10: 28800 (1TX, 2RX) or 19200 (2TX, 2RX) Files size:support is limited to 50k for Jpeg and midi with maximum of 16 characters Audio support:64-chord HW chip with wavetable modulation, MIDI, SP MIDI, WAV Camera:Weak click feeling is in order to not move the phone when taking photos MPM:In Mobile phone Manager Lotus Notes is not supported

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