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Siemens Mobile Phones CF62 Callcenter Training April 2004 – Confidential.

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1 Siemens Mobile Phones CF62 Callcenter Training April 2004 – Confidential

2 Page 2 Consumer Benefits High Quality Colour Display 130 x 130 pixel, 65k colours for great viewing, outside display with animated screensaver Clean Design Young design, compact dimensions, tangible materials Attractive Illumination Programmable astonishing light effects JAVA Download fun & games wherever whenever you want Attachable camera Attachable QuickPic Camera with flash as accessory, MMS for cool photo messaging Great value for money Top technology, sleek design, at an affordable price CF62 Consumer Benefits

3 Page 3 Highlights Young and fashionable design with clamshell form Sophisticated keypad layout and sleek chrome finishing New illumination concept 2 attractive on-board games Target group specific application under evaluation Attachable QuickPic Camera Car Kit Easy Headset Purestyle CF62 Design Applications Technology MMS JAVA Handsfree Display: 130 x 130 pixels, 65k colour Second display: blue illumination Accessory Devices

4 Page 4 Stylish clean designed Clamshell Phone Ramp-Up Colour: Cool Gray Second colour: Cool Cashmere Design CF62

5 Page 5 Technical Overview Weight & Volume 85 g 78 cm 3 : 81.5 x 45.2 x 21.9 [mm] Standby / Talktime Up to 220 h / 300 min Camera Attachable QuickPic Camera with flash Display & Keypad 130 x 130 pix., 65k colours, photographic display Second display 96 x 64 pix., B/W Polyphonic Ringtones: 16 chored HardwareSoftware Messaging MMS supporting text, still images, voice and animations Extra-long SMS SMS to group EMS Data Transfer GPRS Multislot Class 10 Internet Access WAP 1.2.1, WAP 2.0 content provisioning MIDP 1.0, J2ME based games and applications Technology CF62

6 Page 6 Original Accessories – Portfolio EMEA Fashion & Carry Energy Handsfree Portable Car Solutions Multi- tainment Office Headset PTT HHS-510 Tour Case FCT-650 Headset HHS-500 Car Kit Easy HKP-610 Car Kit Portable HKP-500 Data Cable DCA-500 Car Charger Plus ECC-600 Products compatible with 55 series* Products compatible with 65 series* Phone only For bulk only * Backwards compatible QuickPic Camera IQP-500 Accessory Devices CF62 Textile Case FCT-600 …… Travel Charger ETC-500/510 Headset Purestyle HHS-610 Li-Ion Battery 600mAh EBA-670 Car Charger Desk Top Stand Upgrade Kit HKO-640 Data Cable DCA-510

7 Page 7 Car Kit Easy – the innovative plug and phone solution The Car Kit Easy allows convenient handsfree talking with high speech quality by simply connecting the unit to the cigarette lighter socket (12V) and inserting the mobile phone in the integrated holder Properties Optimal adaptation and orientation in the car due to adjustment on 3 rotational axes Fixation of your mobile phone Compact housing with roll-up mechanism for the microphone cable Flexible microphone positioning in the vehicle Automatic call acceptance (if activated) Volume control via the mobile phone Echo compensation and noise reduction Power supply and fast-charge function for the mobile phone Permanent display illumination Fast and simple installation requiring no tools or installation materials Allows you to swap the Car Kit easily between different cars (about 120 cars were tested, Car Kit Easy is compatible for 90% of leading European cars) Accessory Devices CF62

8 Page 8 USP Functionality and quality of a permanently installed Car Kit combined with the flexibility of a plug-and-play solution in a superior design High-quality Car Kit (advanced audio quality and reliable mechanics) Customer Benefit Easy installation; ready for use in about 20 seconds Flexibility through plug-and-play (fast swap between different cars) Mobile phone is fixed reliably in the holder Its display is within the driver's eye range Compatibility due to exchangeable cradle concept Target Group Customers with high demands in terms of quality and design in the portable / DIY category Customers who do not want to spend time and money on fixed installations but demand a DIY product which has qualities similar to a fixed installation product Customers who change cars often Car Kit Easy – the innovative plug and phone solution Accessory Devices CF62

9 Page 9 Original Accessories Headset Purestyle Headset with a high-value design for mobile handsfree usage It offers an optimised wearing comfort by holder and earpiece hinge Car Charger Plus Take it easy – fixed small housing to connect phone and headset It allows charging and phoning at the same time! QuickPic Camera Share special moments spontaneously with the attachable QuickPic Camera with integrated flash Accessory Devices CF62

10 Page 10 Additional Information: 1.Configure Dynamic lights 2.Configure sounds 3.Configure Addressbook

11 Page 11 Activate & configure Dynamic Light Effects Menu – Setup – Dynamic Light: Choose between 10 different light effects for following incidents: Incomming calls (Addressbook, Group Calls, other calls) During a call Alarms Messages: incomming, sending Missed events Clamshell: open, close Netsearch Screensaver Low battery; charging battery Switch on / off the mobile

12 Page 12 Activate & Configure Sound Tones for diverse incidents: Menu – Audio – more tones 1.Choose melody 2.Options 3.Assign the selected melody one of the following incident: 1.CBS tone 2.Start & End melody 3.Opening / Closing tone 4.Call screening 5.Key tones 6.Minute beep 7.Information Activate & Configure directly: Ringer Settings ( On / Off / Beep ) 1.Silent alert ( Vibra ) 2.Volume ( Calls, Messages, Alarms, Applications ) 3.Phonebook Call tone 4.Group calls (Family, Friends, Office, VIP, Leisure / Private / Business / Recieved) 5.Alarm tone 6.SMS & MMS tone (one tone for both incidents)

13 Page 13 Additional Addressbook functions: Open Addressbook - select entry – Options: Move to = Move to groups Copy to SIM Filter = filters the Addressbook with these criterias: Voice Dialing, E-Mail, URL, Birthday, Calling faces Business card: Set the actual entry as a business card of the mobile Send: send selected entry ( as entry or text ) via SMS Open Addressbook - select Groups – Options: Open group Rename group Group symbol (Change Group symbol)

14 Page 14 Configure Addressbook fields: 1.Last name 2.First name 3.Phone: 4.Phone / Office 5.Phone / Mobile 6.Fax 7.Fax 2 8.E-Mail 9.E-Mail 2 10.URL 11.Group 12.Company 13.Street 14.Post Code 15.Country 16.Birthday 17.Reminder 18.Picture Up to 18 Addressbook fields can be configured as visible:

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