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Product details and Information ICM MP CCQ SLI June 2004 Matthias Wiltink Christoph Böing C65.

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1 Product details and Information ICM MP CCQ SLI June 2004 Matthias Wiltink Christoph Böing C65

2 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 2 Highlights Technical features Accessories Applications User Interface Miscellaneous C65 – Content

3 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 3 MMS Release 4 Integrated CIF camera High-Resolution 65k Colour Display Attractive Themes & convenient Download Assistant Different silent alert themes Java MIDP 2.0 / CLDC 1.1 GRPS Class 10 WAP 2.0 DRM content distribution IrDA interface C65 Highlights

4 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 4 Trendy, fashionable, ergonomic, monoblock Download Assistant Instant Messenger Games CLIPit Covers Premium Attachable Flash Car Kit Easy Headset Purestyle Design Applications Technology Integrated CIF camera Display: 130 x 130 pixel, 65k colours Accessory Devices C65 Highlights Camera settings in camera mode

5 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 5 C65 Transmission mode Mode: E-GSM (GSM Phase 2/Phase 2+) GPRS Multislot class 10 Triple band: EMEA: 900/1800/1900 MHz NAFTA: 850/1800/1900 MHz Vocoders: FR, HR, EFR, AMR Operation time Standby/talk time: 100-300 h/250-300 min Charging time: <2h for 100% Phone applications Call logos: incoming, outgoing, missed Multiple party calls General physics and design Volume: < 80 ccm³ Size: ~ 104 x 45 x 17 mm Hook e.g. for neck/wrist strap Exchangeable parts: ClipIt covers Classic Detailed technical features I

6 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 6 Key components Display: 130 x 130 pixel, 65k colours, 27.3 x 27.3 mm Integrated CIF camera Integrated antenna Battery: Li-Ion 600 mAh SIM plug-in (3V/1,8V), SAT class 3 Acoustic: handsfree speaker Display backlight: white Navigation: 5-way joystick Keys: send/end, 2 soft keys, 12-key pad Silent alert C65 User interface Graphical user interface: up to 7 lines Individual selectable UI / themes Configurable UI: operator specific menu tree Help menu Predictive text input: T9 Different font sizes: standard, jumbo, application specific Variants: international, APAC, NAFTA Provider variants Detailed technical features II

7 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 7 C65 Personal Information Management Address book: 250 entries Calendar alerts To-do list Notes World clock/date Calculator/currencies Sound recording Messaging SMS, concatenated SMS SMS to group, predefined text blocks MMS: release 4 Community services: different Java clients to be downloaded Security SIM lock Secure transactions Digital signatures Digital Rights Management Detailed technical features III

8 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 8 Location Based Services Java: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 WAP 2.0, WML/XHTML dual stack Object download: WAP, HTTP, Java, others Memory for user data: >3 MBytes Multimedia Animations: icons, wait animations Sounds: 32 chords, MIDI, WAV Social noises: recordable in AMR format Photo handling: album, editor C65 Accessories ClipIt covers Classic Exchangeable key pad Themes: ClipIt covers, JAVA apps, ring tones, wallpapers, screen savers, etc. Head Set Car Kits Attachable flash light Connectivity USB, RS232, IrDA Detailed technical features IV

9 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 9 Fashion & Carry Energy Handsfree Portable Car Solutions Multi- tainment Office Tour Case FCT-650 Li-Ion Battery 600 mAh EBA-670 Headset Purestyle HHS-610 Car Kit Easy HKP-600 Belt Case FCL-600 Travel Charger ETC-500/510 Headset PTT HHS-510 Upgrade Kit HKO-620 Car Charger Plus ECC-600 Headset HHS-500 Car Kit Comfort HKC-660 CLIPit Covers Partner Car Charger Mobile Holder HMH-660 Desk Top Stand Mobile Holder Antenna HMH-665 Car Kit Portable HKP-500 Car Data Adapter HKO-690 Supports Phone Story Products compatible with 55 series* Products compatible with 65 series* Hera only For bulk only * Backwards compatible CLIPit Covers Premium Flash IFL-600 Data Cable DCA-500 Data Cable USB DCA-540 SyncStation DSC-600 Data Cable USB DCA-510 C65 EMEA Portfolio Accessory

10 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 10 Main Features Fixed small housing with Lumberg connector Rotating flash-tube for monoblock, slider and clamshell phones Plug and play Instant charging Stand-by during connection Automatic exposure Automatic recharging Technology Flash with variable angle Intelligent sensor Professional tube technology (instead of LED) Interaction with phone display (e.g., status) Approx. 0.2% battery capacity will be used for one shot Red-Eye Reduction No undesirable "vampire eye" effect Exposure Control No overexposure Emitted flashlight intensity controlled by sensor C65 – Attachable Flash – IFL 600 Accessory

11 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 11 Properties Optimal adaptation and orientation in the car due to adjustment on 3 rotational axes Fixation of your mobile phone Compact housing with roll-up mechanism for the microphone cable Flexible microphone positioning in the vehicle Automatic call acceptance (if activated) Volume control via the mobile phone Echo compensation and noise reduction Power supply and fast-charge function for the mobile phone Permanent display illumination Fast and simple installation requiring no tools or installation materials Allows you to swap the Car Kit easily between different cars (about 120 cars were tested, Car Kit Easy is compatible for 90% of leading European cars) C65 – Car Kit Easy Accessory

12 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 12 Headset Purestyle Headset with a high-value design for mobile handsfree usage It offers an optimised wearing comfort by holder and earpiece hinge Car Charger Plus Take it easy – fixed small housing to connect phone and headset It allows charging and phoning at the same time! Car Kit Comfort Car Kit Comfort for C65 will be equipped with a PTT cradle This increases the value of Car Kit Comfort by additional functions and more comfort (e.g., PTT, volume) SyncStation Be up to date – link your mobile phone to a PC with the Data Cable USB and synchronise your data or transfer multimedia applications C65 – Original Accessories Accessory

13 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 13 Product Story The new "Themes" concept allows to change the look and feel of the phone with just one click. Five pre-defined themes will be pre-installed and more can be easily downloaded Logos, pictures, animations and polyphonic ringtones will help the user personalise his phone and help him create colourful and personal MMS messages C65 – Themes Applications

14 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 14 C65 – Chat Client Application Story Technology: Based on Java Bearer: GPRS Key Features: Instant Messaging Group chat Alerts & message notification Multiple conversation in parallel Application start via address book supported automatic WAP push mechanism Applications Important: Dependent on provider Ask provider for special information regarding settings Instant Messaging Client (Wireless Village 1.1 standard)

15 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 15 C65 – Foto Client Application Story In addition to basic functions the new Photo Editor offers more advanced features and add-ons Zoom, rotate, flip h/v, mirror, brightness, contrast, resize, cut, crop / clip, paste Additional filter effects like sepia, greyscale Paste of additional objects like text, borders / frames, graphic objects Special effects like morphing Applications

16 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 16 small font normal fontjumbo font Text editor / viewer C65 – Overview User Interface

17 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 17 A theme consists of the following resources: Skin Color scheme * Application background picture * Idle and menu background picture * Idle Wallpaper Preferred book ring tone Screensaver Switch-on melody Switch-off melody Switch-on animation Switch-off animation Net-search animation * Pin-input animation * Wait animation * * Not changeable via the settings menu C65 – Themes User Interface

18 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 18 Background image (part of each skin ) Text, Icons and Layout (Same for all skins) Color scheme (part of color skin) = C65 – Color skins User Interface

19 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 19 Delivery Unit for EMEA Standard package: Mobile phone mounting frame CLIPit Cover standard Keypad + joystick cap Battery Pack Li-Ion 600 mAh, battery cover Standard charger (POWER SUPPLY/L55-R65/Euro ) Manual (German/English, Italian, French) Standard box/inlay C65/AC-LEPORELLO 1 (eng./germ./french) Dedicated operator package: tbd Delivery unit for NA/LAM tbd. Delivery unit for APAC tbd. C65 – Content of package Miscellaneous

20 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 20 C65 …what a customer might complain about… With the current software version 1 it is not possible to use 2 of the 4 preinstalled games. The device will switch off and has to be rebooted. An update process for the C65 is under evaluation and we will keep you informed. Delta list regarding software versions will be provided as soon as possible It might happen that the device freezes sporadically when using animations as screensaver Remove the battery. You need a key for removing the Clipit cover. If not it is possible to damage the silver Inlay! The battery cover and the battery have to be removed to change covers Removing the SIM card might be very difficult when you do not lift the card a little bit. The battery cover can only be opened with a lot of trouble If you scroll through the menu some time delay might occur.

21 © Siemens, 2004 ICM MP CCQ SLI Seite 21 Thank you for your Attention! Please do not forget to give feedback If there are further questions after the training please just contact Matthias or Christoph!! We keep you informed about news and changes!

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