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1 Module 6 Session 5 Getting the message across An interactive tutorial.

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1 1 Module 6 Session 5 Getting the message across An interactive tutorial

2 2 Learning Objectives participants should be able to create a PowerPoint presentation using the good practice guide match presentation message to the target audience Understand the importance of pre- presentation preparation deliver a PowerPoint presentation with confidence

3 3 Contents What & How Help facilities Beginning new presentations using different methods Creating your own presentations Designing your own templates Slide sorters Animation Some useful extras Planning your presentation Packing & Delivering Creating your presentation

4 4 Content & audience Title Punchy Attention grabber Main message I minute test: can you put your key point in one sentence Structure Introduction / main body / summary Approach Brainstorm, cluster ideas

5 5 Beginning a new presentation File – New: Ways of beginning a new presentation Opening & editing an existing presentation

6 6 AutoContent Wizard Provides ideas and organization for your presentation Can be used as a starting point for your presentation Provides headers & content suggestions for the type of presentation you choose

7 7 Exercise 1 Using the AutoContent Wizard Select AutoContent Wizard (or Press A) Press OK Follow instructions

8 8 Templates Design Templates contain color schemes Once you apply a template, each slide has the same custom look The slide masters control the format & placement of the text on slides They also hold the background items that you want on every slide eg graphics

9 9 Template option Click on the previews in the Designs template window to preview the template choices in the box on the right Select template Design Template section

10 10 Exercise 2 Browse through the different template designs, and choose two that you feel could be appropriate for your presentation. Remember, to get to the design templates select: File – New, Design Templates

11 11 Layout options Description Different layouts

12 12 Exercise 3 Look at the different layouts By pressing on different layouts and checking what each icon represents In the New Slide dialogue, select the Bulleted option

13 13 By the way When selecting the type of output you want to create: The output screen dimensions may differ with each selection. If you change the output options after your presentation is complete, page layouts may be modified, and objects may even be cut off

14 14 Exercise 4 Choose your Page set up File Page set up Slides sized for

15 15 Power Point Views PowerPoint gives you different views on which you create and organize your presentations. As you work on your presentation, you can switch between the views (either from the icons on the lower left hand corner or from the menu bar) Slide view Slide sorter view outline view

16 16 Exercise 5 In the outline view, key in the presentation for which you have prepared your points

17 17 Saving Your Presentation Whenever you work with any type of document on a computer, you should get into the habit of saving your work frequently FILE SAVE ( OR SAVE AS)

18 18 Examining your Presentation Click the slide view ( if you have been working in the outline view) – to check if your presentation flows smoothly Use the double scroll down button ( on the right hand of your screen) to move from slide to slide

19 19 Re-ordering the Slides There is a slide sorter in PowerPoint which enables you to reorder the slides You can also delete slides or insert slides into the middle of your presentation

20 20 Playing your Slide Show The slide view gives you a good feel for what each slide looks like but it displays all the layout placeholders, including the ones that you choose not to use To view the slides as they will look when you do the presentation, select the Slide show view (what is the difference when you view the show using the menu bar and when you use the lower icon?)

21 21 Checking individual slides Insertions Tables/graphs Pictures Audio/video Slides from other files Hyperlinks

22 22 Tidying the Presentation Slide show / slide transition Speed Sound Timing

23 23 Tidying the Presentation cont Checking flow Slide show Slide show / view show - to begin show from 1 st slide Using slide sorter To change the order of the slides Shift F5 or icon in the left hand corner to resume the slide show

24 24 Enhancing the Slide Show You can add special effects to your slide show There are transition effects which determine how a new slide appears on the screen There are also build effects which determine how each bullet point or object appears on the screen

25 25 Adding Transitions Go to Slide Show on the menu-bar Choose the slide transition from the drop down list Click how fast you want the transition to take place Decide how you want to advance to the next slide Click OK Creating a Build Slide Start with a slide which has bulleted points Select custom animation from Slide show on the menu-bar Choose the options you want to use in building the slide Click OK

26 26 Exercise 6 Enhance your presentations as necessary Remember to use colours and animations which add to the effectivity of your presentation; too much whizz- bang can distract the attention from the message you are trying to give

27 27 Exiting PowerPoint Click on the close button at the top right of the screen Alternatively use FILE EXIT

28 28 Saving & Closing Saving Always save periodically as you go along to avoid losing work If you save a copies under different names, make sure you know which is the final copy you are working on Always have a backup copy Saving as a webpage Pack & Go Package for CD

29 29 Printing Handouts ( of the slides for the audience) Remember if the printing is in black & white you have to make sure that everything is Notes page ( for yourself) Any other handouts that you will be referring to and need for your audience

30 30 Notes Page In addition to your slides, you can also produce Note pages The notes page includes a copy of the slide and includes any additional notes you want to record These can act as handouts to go with your presentation or as reminders to yourself

31 31 Preparing for Delivery Practise, practice, practice Make sure you can deliver within the allocated time Make sure you are absolutely clear about what you are presenting and can navigate your presentation with ease Before the actual presentation Make sure you are familiar with the room, equipment, etc and that your presentation can be opened!

32 32 Contingency plans What if Power fails Projector does not work More time / less time Other unexpected issues

33 33 Conclusion You have something important to say You have prepared your message for your target audience in a simple, lucid style You have practised what you want to say - and ironed out all the wrinkles You have thought about what could go wrong – and prepared for it You are now ready to wow your audience – and wowing depends on YOU!

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