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Product Presentation. WHAT IS IT? Product Presentation.

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1 Product Presentation

2 WHAT IS IT? Product Presentation

3 WHAT IS IT? The SuperTooth Buddy is a portable Bluetooth hands-free car kit. Main features: - Full Auto Pairing - Multipoint - Auto connect - Outstanding autonomy - Audio enhancing soft microphone Product Presentation

4 WHAT IS IT? 1 Speaker 2 Volume up 3 Volume down 4 Bluetooth indicator / Charge indicator 5 Audio enhancing soft microphone 6 MFB or Multi-Function Button (answer / end / reject / voice dial / redial / audio transfer ) 7 End / Reject button 8 On / Off Button (On / Off / Pairing) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Product Presentation

5 WHAT IS IT? 9 Magnet 10 Charger port 9 10 Product Presentation

6 WHAT IS IT? Thanks to Full Auto Pairing technology, the SuperTooth Buddy can be paired automatically with your mobile. Some mobiles will ask for a connection key, enter pin code 0000. THE PLUS OF THE PRODUCT: FULL AUTO PAIRING Product Presentation

7 WHAT IS IT? Thanks to Multipoint technology, the SuperTooth Buddy can be connected with 2 phones simultaneously, which is very practical if you have a personal and a business phone for example. THE PLUS OF THE PRODUCT: MULTIPOINT Product Presentation

8 WHAT IS IT? Thanks to Auto Connect technology, the SuperTooth Buddy will reconnect automatically with the phone(s) paired previously, as soon as you get into your car. THE PLUS OF THE PRODUCT: AUTO CONNECT Product Presentation

9 WHAT IS IT? Thanks to its audio enhancing soft microphone and to its powerful speaker, the SuperTooth Buddy ensures crystal clear sound quality, for both emission and reception. THE PLUS OF THE PRODUCT: AUDIO ENHANCING SOFT MICROPHONE Product Presentation

10 WHAT IS IT? Thanks to its record breaking autonomy - 20 hours talk time and 1000 hours standby time, you will charge your SuperTooth Buddy once in one month and a half. THE PLUS OF THE PRODUCT: AUTONOMY Product Presentation

11 WHAT IS IT? A PRACTICAL PRODUCT - Safe driving – keep your hands on the wheel - Legal driving – prevents you from being fined - No installation – instant fixing on the sun visor (no screw, nor glue, nor wire) - Portable product – easy to move from one vehicle to another. Can be used in the car, at the office or at home - Competitive price: £49 (including VAT), whereas an average fix installation costs about £300 - Excellent audio quality thanks to the DSP unit (Digital Signal Processing), which cancels echo and background noise - Full Duplex – both parties can talk simultaneously Product Presentation

12 WHAT IS IT? GENERALITIES - Supplied with a USB car charger and a USB-micro USB cable - Bluetooth version 2.1 technology - Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone - Light and small (14,6 x 49 x 129 mm – 64 grams) - Operating range: 10 meters - Charging time: 3 hours - Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery Product Presentation

13 HOW DOES IT WORK? Product Presentation

14 HOW DOES IT WORK? To switch on the SuperTooth Buddy, press the On / Off Button (8) for one second until the Bluetooth Indicator (4) blinks blue. SWITCH ON Product Presentation

15 HOW DOES IT WORK? To put the SuperTooth Buddy in manual pairing mode: from Off, press and hold the On / Off Button (8) until the Bluetooth Indicator (4) turns blinking red / blue. MANUAL PAIRING Product Presentation

16 HOW DOES IT WORK? For the first time use, if you want to put the SuperTooth Buddy in Full Auto Pairing mode: - Bluetooth must be enabled and discoverable on your mobile - Put your mobile at 10 cm from the SuperTooth Buddy, switch on the SuperTooth Buddy - Make sure that there is no Bluetooth mobile or device less than one meter away from the SuperTooth Buddy - Press the green button and follow the instructions displayed on the screen of your mobile Note: some phones will ask for a code, enter 0000. FULL AUTO PAIRING – AUTOMATIC PAIRING Product Presentation

17 HOW DOES IT WORK? MULTIPOINT – PAIRING WITH THE SECOND PHONE Product Presentation To pair the SuperTooth Buddy with the second phone, you can use manual or automatic pairing following the instructions of the previous slides.

18 HOW DOES IT WORK? INSTALLATION The SuperTooth Buddy doesnt need any installation: no screw, nor glue, nor wire. Its metal clip and magnet allow a quick and easy fixing… Product Presentation

19 HOW DOES IT WORK? INSTALLATION (2) …on the sun visor. Product Presentation

20 HOW DOES IT WORK? PICK UP To pick up an incoming call, press the MFB (6) for one second. Product Presentation

21 HOW DOES IT WORK? HANG UP / REJECT A CALL Press the End / Reject Button (7) for one second to hang up or a reject an incoming call. Product Presentation

22 HOW DOES IT WORK? VOLUME CONTROL Press + or - buttons to adjust the volume. Product Presentation

23 THE PACK Product Presentation

24 THE PACK Product Presentation

25 THE PACK CONTENTS 1 SuperTooth Buddy 1 clip 1 user manual 1 car charger with USB plug 1 USB – Micro USB cable Product Presentation

26 THE PACK FEATURES - Dimensions: 210 x 170 x 60 mm - Weight: 250 grams Product Presentation

27 THE PACK FEATURES (2) - 24 units per box - Dimensions of the box: 410 x 360 x 470 mm - Volume of the box: 0,0693 m 3 - Weight of the box: 8 kg - 18 boxes per pallet Product Presentation

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