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Geometry 10 Mr. Nash 2008 – 2009 Lebanon City Schools.

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1 Geometry 10 Mr. Nash 2008 – 2009 Lebanon City Schools

2 What are my expectations for you?  Be honest with me  Respect others and their right to learn  Work hard and try  Be prepared  Follow school rules

3 Be Honest With Me  Let me know when you have a problem  Let me know when you don’t understand  Let me know when something’s happening outside of class

4 Respect Others  Don’t make fun of others  Don’t talk when others are talking  Don’t discount another student’s method  Don’t mess with others’ property  Don’t be disruptive

5 Try and Work Hard  Try all problems  Come see me if you have problems  Do your homework  Be a team player

6 Be Prepared For Class  Bring Notebook, pencil, paper, book, homework, Note Cards, etc.  Be in class on time You get 3 tardies per quarter before detentions.

7 Follow School Rules  Rules for the school (in your planner) apply in this class Cell phones – will be given to office Drinks – will be thrown away Coats Dress code Etc.

8 What do I do if I’m not doing good?  Come after school or before school  Come see me during study hall  Come to Study Tables on Thursday  Email me –

9 What do I do if I’m absent?  Check the agenda for what we did in class.  Turn in any assignments that were due the day you were absent.  THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY  Make up tests/quizzes the day you return or after school or study hall.

10 How can my parents contact you?  Call – 934-5143  Email –  Come to class after school

11 What happens if I have a bad day?  Warning  Call home  Detention (must be served on the next day)  Office Referral for repeated behavior  Levels may be skipped  If you know you’re going to have a problem let me know ASAP!

12 How Grades Are Determined  Graded Assignments – 35%  Measuring Up – 10%  Tests – 30%  Quizzes – 25%

13 Graded Assignments – 35%  Assignments done in class  Checked for accuracy  Most common of all grades

14 Measuring Up – 10%  Assigned every Wednesday  Reviews concepts that will be on the OGT  May ask questions during the week.

15 Tests – 30%  Least common grade  You may use your notecards!!!!  Over many topics covered

16 Quizzes – 25%  Given about every week  Short assessments over a few topics  Variety of forms  Type I/II writing prompts are included in your quiz grade.  Your openers are also included

17 Homework  You will have homework every night! It will be included in your classwork grade  It will be checked a variety of ways. Completeness Accuracy

18 Group Work  Many of your class assignments will be done in groups. Your groups will be assigned as your seats are assigned. YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO MOVE TO ANOTHER SEAT WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST.

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