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Senior Health Mr. Weigel

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1 Senior Health Mr. Weigel
HIV/AIDS Senior Health Mr. Weigel

2 HIV/AIDS HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Virus that attacks the body’s Immune System. The Virus that causes AIDS AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome HIV infection combined with severe immune deficiency. The final stages of HIV infection.

3 HIV and the Human Body HIV attacks the Immune System.
The immune system protects and defends the body from disease. It is made up of Lymphocytes (white blood cells) produced in bone marrow. Lymphocytes fight disease-causing organisms. Two types of Lymphocytes. (T-Cells from Thymus gland) (B-Cells from marrow) T- Cells - produce antibodies specific to each pathogen, which help fight off the disease. As HIV enters the bloodstream, it enters T-Cells and reproduces its genetic material.

4 HIV and the Human Body… cont.
Once HIV enters the body, it reproduces itself at a rate of 1 Billion a day! As more T-Cells become infected, they get destroyed, reducing the number and the immune systems ability to fight off pathogens. As a result the immune system becomes exhausted, thus leaving the body vulnerable to certain illnesses.

5 Well How is HIV Transmitted?
The 4 Body Fluids HIV is transmitted through are….. ONLY THESE 4 Blood Semen Vaginal Secretions Breast Milk There are trace amounts found in…. sweat, tears, saliva, urine, and feces… But NOT ENOUGH to transmit !!!

6 Risk Behaviors Known to Transmit HIV….
There are also 4 main factors that pose the greatest risk of transmitting HIV. They are….. Sexual Contact - This includes any type of sexual contact. Anal, Oral, Vaginal Sex. The risk of HIV Infection increases with the # of sexual partners. Or by having sex w/ someone who has had many sexual partners. Sharing I.V. Needles - Sharing infected needles used to inject IV Drugs, steroids, tattoos, or body piercing. Blood Transfusions - Prior to Today all donated blood in the U.S. is tested for HIV. Mother-to-Child During Birth - an HIV + mother can pass the virus to the fetus in a blood exchange through the umbilical cord. 20% - 35% chance There are treatments now available to help reduce the risk of HIV transmission between infected mother and fetus. ** 93% of ALL HIV cases have been transmitted through Sexual Contact and the Sharing of I.V. Needles!!!!

7 Teenagers at Risk…. 50% of All new HIV cases each year occur in people 25 years of age and Younger!! STDs rates are decreasing among teens, but HIV infection is increasing in Teens. Especially in African Americans, Hispanics and Women! AIDS is the leading cause of Death in the year old age group. Means they were infected in their teens and early 20s. AIDS is now the leading cause of Death for women in 15 of the largest US cities.

8 How Can You Reduce Your Chances of Contracting HIV?
Abstain from sexual contact, do not use I.V. drugs. Use protection for EVERY sexual encounter. Know your partners sexual history. If they are high risk…… YOU are high risk! Do not use Drugs or Alcohol. These substances increase a persons chances of contracting HIV because it impairs judgment, limits ability to use protection, hinders decision making ability.

9 Testing For HIV Incubation Period - It takes 2 weeks - 6 months for HIV antibodies to be show up in blood. Testing for HIV is performed during this time. Symptoms of HIV may not appear between 6 months and 15 years… Even if person is Asymptomatic, they can still spread to others. 1st Test for HIV is ELISA Test - screens for the presence of HIV antibodies in blood. If positive then 2nd test is performed 2nd Test for HIV - Confirmatory Test - highly accurate test used to confirm a positive Elisa.

10 Testing for AIDS AIDS is an Opportunistic Disease.
Opportunistic Illnesses - infections and other diseases caused by organisms that would not normally show up in a person with a healthy immune system. Examples of AIDS-OI: PCP, Karposi Sarcoma To be diagnosed with Full Blown AIDS a person must already be HIV+ plus: T-Cell Count Below 200….. A person with a healthy immune system has between 200, ,000 T-Cells Presence of 1 or More Opportunistic Infections. It is these Opportunistic Diseases that are the eventual cause of Death in an AIDS patients.

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