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HIV/AIDS transmission, prognosis, and social issues.

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1 HIV/AIDS transmission, prognosis, and social issues

2 BACKGROUND INFORMATION What have you heard about HIV/AIDS? What do you think culture/the media's perception about HIV/AIDS is? -VIDEO-

3 HIV = human immunodeficiency virus virus that caused AIDS People who have HIV may not have any symptoms, and may not realize they are infected What is HIV?

4 1.blood to blood contact 1.sexual intercourse o oral, vaginal, or anal 1.infected women to her child o before, during or after birth o (through breast milk) 1. NO LONGER A PROBLEM: Blood Transfusions HIV IS NOT TRANSMITTED THROUGH CASUAL CONTACT o the virus must enter the blood for infection to occur Transmission of HIV

5 flu-like symptoms swollen glands diarrhea night sweats weight loss fatigue yeast infections pneumonia cancer...or no symptoms at all! HIV Symptoms

6 HIV attacks T-cells o type of cells in the immune system o makes it difficult for the body to fight disease When the 'T-cell count' falls below 200, the person is diagnosed with AIDS o even if it goes up again, they remain diagnosed with AIDS HIV to AIDS

7 Currently, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS o prevention is the only alternative Prevention is mostly related to o 1. Sexual intercourse  Abstinence  Mutual monogamy with an uninfected partner  Correct and consistent use of latex condoms does not eliminate risk of infection o 2. The use of injection drugs  Sharing needles or syringes provides a direct route for the virus to enter the bloodstream Alcohol and other drugs increases the risk of infection because it impairs the ability to make good decisions about sex and risky drug use HIV Prevention

8 Pregnant women can be tested for HIV o if they test positive, medications can be taken to greatly reduce the likelihood of passing it on to the baby Free or low-cost & anonymous or confidential testing at a clinic or doctor's office Home-test kits are also available o Counseling is vitally important for people who are HIV positive Early treatment & positive health behaviors are essential for remaining in good health and prolonging life HIV Testing

9 Drug cocktails o antiretroviral medications o combination of medications Very complex regimens o side effects Cause of death in AIDS patients: o opportunistic infections HIV Management

10 AIDS Quilt 1996

11 Question: What are 3 CURRENT modes of transmission of HIV? Journal: Share a thought about the material covered in class today EXIT TICKET

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