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2 Warm-up Signatures game Quiz: What do you know about HIV/AIDS
Fact vs. Myth

3 Fact or Myth Africa has been affected by AIDS more than any other part of the world, but HIV infection rates are rising in many other regions.


5 Fact or Myth You can’t have a baby if your partner has HIV.


7 Fact or Myth You can spread HIV through hugs.


9 Fact or Myth You can tell someone has HIV just by looking at them.


11 Fact or Myth People in Ukraine are affected by HIV.


13 HIV vs. AIDS What is HIV? How do you get HIV?
How does HIV infect the body? What is AIDS? When does HIV become AIDS?

14 What is HIV?

15 What is HIV? HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.
H -- Human: because this virus can only infect human beings. I -- Immuno-deficiency: because the effect of the virus is to create a deficiency, or a failure to work properly, within the body's immune system. V -- Virus: because this organism is a virus, which means one of its characteristics is that it is incapable of reproducing by itself. It reproduces by taking over the machinery of the human cell.

16 How do You get HIV?

17 How is HIV transmitted? Blood Saliva Semen Tears Sweat Vaginal fluid
Can be transmitted by: Blood Semen Vaginal fluid Breast milk Can be transmitted by: Saliva Tears Sweat Feces Urine

18 How can you get HIV? Sexual intercourse (vaginal and anal)
Unprotected sexual contact Sharing injection needles Direct blood contact; Infections due to blood transfusions Mother to Child Before or during birth, or through breast milk Oral sex (mouth-penis, mouth-vagina) Oral sex is considered a low risk practice

19 How does HIV Infect the Body?

20 How does HIV infect you? 1. Our bodies have CD4 cells that protect our immune system. 2. The HIV virus attaches to the CD4 cells. 3. RNA in the body dissolves and becomes two separate strands. 4. The HIV multiplies and spreads all over body.

21 How does HIV infect you?

22 What is AIDS?

23 What is AIDS? A -- Acquired: because it is a condition one must be infected with; not something transmitted through genes. I -- Immune: because it affects the body's immune system, the part of the body which usually works to fight off germs such as bacteria and viruses. D -- Deficiency: because it causes the immune system to not work correctly. S -- Syndrome: because someone with AIDS may experience a wide range of different diseases and opportunistic infections.

24 When does HIV become AIDS?

25 When does HIV become AIDS?
When a person has a CD4 cell count lower than 200. A normal CD4 cell count ranges from HIV has progressed to AIDS when the immune system is so weak that it cannot fight off diseases that a healthy person can resist. Tuberculosis is the leading cause of death in people infected with HIV.


27 How can you Prevent the Spread of HIV/AIDS?

28 Remember: ABCD? A- Abstinence. Sexual contact is the most frequent method of transmission, so you can choose to not have sex. B- Be Faithful, If you do choose to have sex, stay true to your partner. C- Condoms. Using condoms is an effective method to prevent the transmission of HIV. D- Drugs. Don’t use drugs.

29 Treatment HIV is treatable, not curable
It takes the HIV virus 72 hours to attach the CD4 cells, so if you think you have been exposed to HIV, visit a clinic within 72hours and you have a high chance of not contracting the virus. If you are infected, you can take medicine and live a normal life. In Ukraine, 30% of treatment is funded by the Global Fund and 70% by the Ukrainian government.

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