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My Biography about Mrs. Pisarra Michael Allen Mrs. Mintz English 3/26/10.

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1 My Biography about Mrs. Pisarra Michael Allen Mrs. Mintz English 3/26/10

2 Introduction I chose Mrs. Pisarra for this assignment because I thought it would be fun to learn more about her and because she is really fun.

3 Personal Life and Growing Up Mrs. Pisarra’s mother was a stay at home mom and her father was a stone mason She has two brothers: Alfred, who is older, and Phillip who is younger.

4 Personal Life and growing up Mrs. Pisarra is married. She has a husband, named Bill, and they have been married for 18 years. They have a daughter named Angela who is 15 years old.

5 School life and Activities Mrs. Pisarra attended Our Lady of Good Counsel Grade School and Montclair State College. Her favorite activities were Yearbook, Student Counsel, Library/Book Club, and Community Service Club.

6 School Life and Activities Mrs. Pisarra’s favorite after school activities were hanging out with friends, bike riding, dance lessons, TV, and Shopping. Mrs. Pisarra also wanted to be a nurse but realized that seeing blood bothered her.

7 Ideas and Accomplishments What makes Mrs. Pisarra happy is chocolate. What makes her angry is bullies. Mrs. Pisarra’s favorite TV show is Monk. She likes to celebrate her birthday by going to a restaurant for dinner with her family. She also likes to take walks with her dog, Raven.

8 Ideas and Accomplishments Mrs. Pisarra would like to improve herself by becoming more patient. Mrs. Pisarra is really proud of her family.

9 Venn Diagram Mrs. PisarraBothMe Her favorite TV shows are Monk and The Middle My favorite TV show is Bones Mrs. Pisarra has two brothers We both live in Montgomery I only have one brother We both have dogs Chocolate makes Mrs. Pisarra happy!! Watching TV makes me happy

10 What I learned from this project… By doing this project, I learned a lot about Mrs. Pisarra and making power points. There was a lot more than I thought, which was really fun. What I liked about this project is being able to choose the person that I wanted to make my biography about.

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