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Mrs. Heinz (Teti) Biography

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1 Mrs. Heinz (Teti) Biography
Carrie Heinz is my Math teacher and this is her biography. Segolene Yver Mrs. Mintz English 3/11/10

2 Introduction I chose Mrs. Heinz for my biography assignment because she is my math teacher. She is so nice to us and she tells us interesting things about herself. This is why I wanted to share her biography with you.

3 Mrs. Heinz: Life as a Child
Mrs. Heinz was born on November 11,1977, in Princeton, New Jersey. Her dad was a high school English teacher and her mom was a school speech pathologist. Mrs. Heinz has two sisters, one older and one younger.

4 Life as a Child (continued)
Mrs. Heinz also lived in Salisbury, Maryland for four years. She had a pet dog, a boxer, named Baxter. The most important thing she learned in school was to treat people the way you want to be treated.

5 School Life and Activities
Mrs. Heinz attended Monroe Township High School in New Jersey. Then she went to the Salisbury University in Maryland. She received a Bachelor’s degree. Mrs. Heinz then went to The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ to get her masters degree. While in school, Mrs. Heinz did not enjoy Chemistry and the subjects she liked better were Psychology and World History. Salisbury University

6 School Life and Activities (continued)
Mrs. Heinz played a lot of sports, and did a lot of activities. The sports she played were basketball and field hockey. The activities she did were the student council, the Key Club and the Future Business Leaders of America.

7 Ideas and Accomplishments
She likes to travel with her husband and especially likes to go to warm destinations. She hates messy houses! Ms. Heinz had a lot of jobs during her life. When she was a teenager she worked in a bagel shop, greenhouse and a clothing store. During college she would spend her summer working for an environmental cleanup agency. She has also worked for a company as a marketing analyst and then she became a teacher.

8 Ideas and Accomplishments (continued)
Mrs. Hienz is a big fan of shows and movies. One of her favorite shows is The Office and her favorite movie is The Godfather. Mrs. Heinz loves to spend time with her family and that’s why she celebrates her birthday with her close friends and family. She is married to a rower who has been in the Olympics 3 times. Mrs. Heinz is extremely proud of him. Her dream is to go to Thailand with her husband!

9 Finding our Differences
Mrs. Hienz Both Segolene Yver Always wanted to be a teacher Like spending time with family Always wanted to be a nurse Married Do not enjoy Chemistry Not married Has a job Likes TV shows/movies Goes to school Would love to visit Thailand Played Basketball Would love to go to Italy Is going to have a child soon Likes to travel Not even close to having a child Played two sports Favorite class is World History Plays five sports

10 Questions What have you learned by doing this project?
I learned a lot about Mrs. Hienz’s personal life and I am really glad that she is my teacher. Did you like this Project? Why? Yes, I liked this project because it helped me learn how to use power point and I had fun making it.

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