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Vicki Van Beveren CIL 733 Web Quest Project

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1 Vicki Van Beveren CIL 733 Web Quest Project
Because of Winn Dixie Vicki Van Beveren CIL 733 Web Quest Project

2 What does a true friend look like?

3 The Task This lesson is intended for grade 3.
Objective of this lesson is: to help the students use the websites and complete the assigned Winn Dixie activities. Some of the tasks will be assigned while reading the book, and some will be completed after the reading. These tasks are designed to help the students better understand and enjoy the story - Because of Winn Dixie.

4 The Process Task 1- Take out your writing journal and tell about your best friend. What qualities do they have? Why do you consider them your best friend? Then read the first 3 chapters of Because of Winn Dixie. Did your perspective change about who or what can be considered a friend?

5 The Process Task 2- Get to know the author of the story, Kate DiCamillo. Read about her at: Answer these questions. 1. Where did the idea for the story come from? 2. What was her formal training for writing?

6 The process Task 3- read chapters 4 through 7 and take the online quiz at:

7 The Process Task 4- View a real Winn Dixie grocery store at:
and enter your zipcode. Answer the following questions-1. What is the store number? 2. What is the address? 3. What is the name of the store director? 4. What hours is the store open?

8 The Process Task 5- For this homework assignment, you will be interviewing your mother. In the story, Opal wanted to know 10 things about her mother. Your assignment is to find out 10 things about your mom when she was 10 years old. What was her favorite food? Her favorite TV show? Her favorite subject in school, and so on.

9 The Process Task 6- Just for fun, click on the website below and explore the town of Naomi.

10 The Process Choose one of the worksheets from the website above, and answer the questions.

11 Evaluation

12 Tying it all together At the beginning of this lesson you were asked to write in your journal and explain what a real friend looks like and what qualities they have. Did your opinion change from your original thought? What do you think about friends now? Write in your journal explaining what you’ve learned from this lesson.

13 Rubric Superior Good Fair Poor Complete all work- with best effort.
Complete most work-good effort. Complete half of the work with some effort. Minimal work with little effort. Writing Author study Chapter quiz Store search Interview

14 Web resources

15 Conclusion At first, I was intimidated about completing this Webquest assignment. But after talking to our instructor, and seeing other student work, I knew I could accomplish this task once I put my mind to it. Once I realized that a webquest is an online lesson plan, I was off and running. I selected to do my lesson on Because of Winn Dixie because I’ve had a lot of success with this lesson in the past. The students love the story and the activities.

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