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English 10B Mr. Blaugrund. Who is Mr. Blaugrund? Home town: Albuquerque, NM Schooling: USC (B.A. Film Studies), Pepperdine (M.A. Education) Wife: Daryl.

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Presentation on theme: "English 10B Mr. Blaugrund. Who is Mr. Blaugrund? Home town: Albuquerque, NM Schooling: USC (B.A. Film Studies), Pepperdine (M.A. Education) Wife: Daryl."— Presentation transcript:

1 English 10B Mr. Blaugrund

2 Who is Mr. Blaugrund? Home town: Albuquerque, NM Schooling: USC (B.A. Film Studies), Pepperdine (M.A. Education) Wife: Daryl (South Park) Two Children: Riley (girl) and Bryce (boy) Teaching Experience: West Ranch: 5 years. First year at Canyon. I love teaching and preparing teenagers for the rest of their lives.

3 What will the class be about? Spring Semester Elie Wiesel: Night (Novel) Sophocles: Antigone (Play) Various: Epics/Legends, Short Stories, poetry, multi-media, art, music, and film Written and Oral Formative and Summative Assessments: Informative, Narrative and Argumentative (Resume) Grammar: Parallel structure, types of phrases and clauses, semicolon, colon, capitalization, spelling, academic vocabulary

4 What is the daily routine? Roll is taken as soon as the tardy bell sounds. Students copy agenda & homework into the agenda section of their notebook I will go over the agenda for the day Complete classwork End of class questions Reminder of homework

5 How much homework will you have? Homework is regularly given in this class; however, I realize you have other classes and will do my best to keep your homework limited BUT relevant. This means…if I assign homework, it must be important and not just busy work. Homework will be extensions of activities done in class as practice and review of lessons taught.

6 Do you accept late work? Late work IS accepted within each unit, however for a penalty. Any assignment not collected when it is due will get at most half credit.  Most of the students who fail my class do so because of LATE OR NO HOMEWORK!

7 How is your grade calculated? Student grades will be computed on a weighted scale with 40% of the grade representing the practice of skills in the form of daily journals, class work, homework and quizzes. 60% of the grade represents mastery of skills taught in the form of tests, essays, performance tasks and oral presentations. Formative Assessment 40% Summative Assessment 60% The student’s grade will be calculated at the end of each five week period, and a progress report or report card will be issued. Appropriate interventions will be provided for any student still working toward mastery of content standards. The following scale is used to determine student grades: A = 90-100% C = 70-79% F = 0-59% B = 80-89% D = 60-69% Class – work HomeworkQuizzesTestsWritten Performance Tasks Listening and Speaking Performance tasks Journals and class work Regular homework Grammar, vocabulary, skills based Midterm 10% Final 10% major essays and writing based performance tasks Various Performance Tasks evaluating speaking and listening skills 15 % 10%20%

8 What can you do if you have a failing grade? You may retake any test or quiz (except for the Midterm and Final) during a mutually agreed upon time. The “retake” score will be averaged with the first score. The higher grade will be placed in the grade book. You may fix and improve class work and homework until you master the assignment. You will be provided the opportunity to re-write essays to improve their scores.

9 What to do in case of an absence: For excused absences, you will have the same number of days of their absence to make-up work for full credit. You must check the internet at home or with a friend before asking me what you missed. When turning in make-up work for excused absences, you must write “ABSENT” in bold across the top of one’s paper.

10 Important materials to have each day. Three ring binder (dividers labeled: “Class Info”, “Reading”, “Writing”, “Homework”, “Classwork”, and “Returned work.”) Plenty of loose-leaf college ruled notebook paper 8.5 X 11 inch Spiral notebook strictly for English Outside reading book Blue or black pens Highlighter Post-it notes

11 What is the policy on electronics? Cell phone and iPods WILL NOT be permitted during class time. You must turn cell phones OFF before entering into the classroom and store them in your backpack or pocket. Anyone who chooses to answer or make a call or text will have their cell phone confiscated and turned into the office. If you find extra time between class activities, you may read but not listen to music or play on your phone.

12 What is Outside Reading? You will be required to read at least 250 pages of outside reading per semester. You may choose ANY book as long as your parent/guardian and I approves of your choice. You may read more than one book per semester to make up the 250 pages requirement as long as both books are approved. Sustained Silent Reading will be Fridays, but you are to ALWAYS bring their book to class.

13 How to succeed in this class: Come to class on time, and prepared to learn each day. Complete homework ON TIME Identify a study-buddy that can be contacted for extra help or if he or she is absent from a class. Use a student planner or a calendar to keep track of assignments. Take advantage of extra help. Take responsibility for your learning. Check Infinite Campus and my website often for missing assignments, and turn those in promptly. Have a great attitude!

14 How will Mr. Blaugrund help me succeed in this class? I will be prepared to teach each day The content standards, daily objectives, and agenda will be written on the white board daily. I will teach the district-approved curriculum. I will prepare interesting and engaging lessons. I will be available if you need extra help. I will motivate and encourage students to do their best work. I will maintain open lines of communication between students and their families.

15 Mr. Blaugrund’s Contact Information Phone: (661) 252-6110 x348 Email: Website: *Twitter….coming soon!

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