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LIFE SCIENCE 7th GRADE 7 California Life Science Standards (multiple parts per standard)

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3 7 California Life Science Standards (multiple parts per standard)

4 Course Emphasis This course is organized with the goal of addressing the California Life Science Content Standards for Science needed for our Student’s to be prepared for various standardized tests that are necessary to their success. LIFE SCIENCE 7th GRADE

5 Materials Textbook, Interactive Reader and Workbook: Holt-California Life Science. Spiral bound notebook for lecture notes 3-ringed binder to be kept in classroom Pencils One red pen for correcting One blue or black ink pen only Loose-leaf college ruled binder paper for work that is to be turned in. Graph paper

6 Wish List Kleenex !!!!!! Copy paper Markers Color pencils Construction paper Any thing you think might benefit the class THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR CARE AND HELP IN YOUR CHILDS EDUCATION DURING THE STATES ECONOMIC CRISIS.

7 To foster an environment that promotes success I expect students to: 1. Be Prompt 2. Be Prepare 3. Be Polite

8 ATTENDANCE: Regular school attendance is a crucial factor in determining student success. There are certain experiences that can never be recovered when a student is absent during a lesson. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class period while the students are focused on their Bell Work.

9 RE-ADMITS If you were absent the day before, you must place the absent readmit in the basket labeled readmits. I will sign and return it to you before the end of the class period.

10 TARDIES First period tardies must be handle at the attendance window prior to coming to class. After obtaining the appropriate tardy readmit the student may come into the class, quietly placing the tardy readmit in the basket labeled readmits. Your attendance record will be marked either excused tardy or unexcused tardy based on what the attendance office indicates.

11 MISSED WORK: DAILY WORK: If not done prior to class, Casimir Middle Schools new policy is for the student to complete their homework during Lunch Study Hall.

12 MAKE-UP WORK: If you are absent on the day that an assignment is due, you are expected to turn it in on the day that you return by placing it in the late work tray when you enter the classroom. Any work assigned while you were absent, you will have 2 days to make up the work after returning to class.

13 MAKE-UP WORK: It may not be possible to make up all in class activities due to the nature of the activity. Such as but not limited to: 1. Lab activities that require extensive set up 2. Group work and presentations

14 Quizzes and tests will be given periodically. On the day of a quiz or test, students will have only the following materials on their desks, SSR book and a writing utensil and if needed an eraser.

15 QUIZZES AND TESTS: Because of the importance of class participation, class time will not be allowed for make-ups. You can arrange to take a make up Quiz or Test before or after school. If the test or quiz has not been made up with in two days of returning back to school, it will result in a zero in the grade book.

16 CHEATING: Cheating on any assignment, quiz or test is not acceptable behavior in this class. Cheating takes many forms from the most obvious – copying someone else’s assignment, quiz or test to presenting some else work or ideas as your own. Cheating will result in an automatic zero for that assignment, quiz or test. No make-up opportunity will be given.

17 DISMISSAL: When the bell rings please stand and push your chair in and wait for the teacher to dismiss you.

18 Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior There will be consequences for inappropriate behavior depending upon the severity of the behavior. If the behavior is a major disruption such as vandalism, defiance or fighting the student (s) will be sent immediately to the office with an official referral.


20 Student’s Responsibility 1. Students are expected to follow all school and classroom rules. 2. Students have the responsibility of respecting themselves and others. 3. Know and follow guidelines regarding behavior, dresses, absences, make up work, etc.

21 Student’s Responsibility 4. Assume full responsibility and accountability for learning, assignments and demeanor. 5. All required materials must be brought to class daily, including completed assignments. 6. Ask the teacher for help.


23 Assignments Formative: –Those that are to help your student learn the material in order to adequately pass assessments. Activities are designed to engage and reinforce learning. –Some will be stamped others will be graded Pop Quizzes: to help students stay current in their assignments Schedules Quizzes: to help students determine what they still need to know

24 Quizzes Formative: –Pop Quizzes: to help students stay current in their assignments –Schedules Quizzes: to help students determine what they still need to know

25 Tests Summative: –Tests: – Projects: Evaluates the students knowledge

26 Assessment 5% Pop Quizzes 15% Scheduled Chapter Quizzes 40% Chapter Tests 20% Class work, homework & laboratory assignments 20% Portfolio organization

27 Assignment of Letter Grades 100 – 90% A 89 – 80% B 79 – 70%C 69 – 60%D 59 - 0%F

28 Stay In Touch Communication –Notes: Notes between parent and teacher Planner –Phone calls School: 310-533-4498 x4726 Email: Text message: 562-606-3144 –Parent Connect Grades will be updated every Monday by 5pm

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