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EN51 SOHPOMORE ENGLISH Mrs. Orr Policies and Expectations.

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1 EN51 SOHPOMORE ENGLISH Mrs. Orr Policies and Expectations

2 EN19 Freshman English Mrs. Orr Policies and Expectations

3 Class Information Tenth grade grammar, literature & writing Narrative, expository, argument writing Reading strategies Analyzing & discussion Short stories, drama, poetry, non-fiction, To Kill A Mockingbird (novel), Antigone (classic Greek play), Of Mice and Men (novel), Twelve Angry Men (play) Films: To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, Twelve Angry Men

4 Class Information Ninth grade grammar, literature & writing Vocabulary from Classic Roots (Book C) Easy Grammar Plus 6 traits of writing Narrative, expository, argument writing modes Animal Farm, The Chosen (novels), Romeo and Juliet (play), The Odyssey epic poem, short stories, poetry, and informational text Films: O Brother, Where Art Thou?; I Am David, West Side Story, The Chosen. Outlining

5 Recommended Materials A three ring binder with loose leaf paper One binder for all classes; separate section for English Blue or black ink pens and several pencils Planner Composition notebook for journal writing Highlighter Red pen Flashdrive (thumbdrive)

6 Attendance Be in class every day! No credit will be given for work missed due to an unexcused absence. It is your responsibility to make sure absences are excused. If you are absent check on Mrs. Orr’s web page for assignments and material covered.

7 Tardies Be inside the classroom, in your seat and ready to learn when the last bell rings or you will be marked tardy. If you are 10 minutes late, you will be marked as absent. Consequences

8 Makeup work If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain makeup work for all the days that you miss. Absences do not excuse you from any assignment. Where can you obtain these assignments? How long do I have to make them up? What about tests/quizzes?

9 Late work Assignments must be in on time to receive full credit. Assignments with a due date, as well as homework assignments, are due at the beginning of class. Late work must be complete. 10% of grade each day will be deducted for late work. No Assignment form must be filled out and placed in homework bin at the beginning of class for assignments not complete or missing.

10 Expectations Respect yourself, classmates, teacher, and school. Enter on time and prepared to work. Stay on task. Performance counts. Every day counts. Be in school! Caps, hats, food, pop, and electronic devices are not allowed in class. Thinking is required.

11 Procedure: All homework is due at the beginning of class. Do not do homework, late, or missing assignments during class while teaching is giving new information or class is working on a assignment. Place all assignments in bin for class. If you do not have your homework at the beginning of class, fill out a “No Assignment Form” (NAF) that is located on the homework-bin table. At the beginning of class, check the front board for assignment due, warm-up instructions, and daily objective. Write objective and assignments in planner or on calendar. Pick up handout(s) for day’s lesson on homework table. Turn in due assignment(s) or missing /late assignments. Warm-ups are to be completed in the first five minutes of class. Have Weekly Summary of Lesson page available for class. If you were absent the previous day, pick up missing handouts/information before class begins (located in stackable files by teacher’s desk).

12 Procedure: Planners must be used! Update every day at the beginning of class. Weekly Summary of Lessons will be due every Friday. If you are absent, you are still responsible for calendar and summary information. Check online (Mrs. Orr’s webpage) for complete information. www. You must have your binder and English resource pages (notes) in class each day.

13 Mrs. Orr Who am I? What do I want from you? Carpe Diem Oh…did I tell you about finals?

14 Safety Information Fire Drill Go out door and turn right; turn right at cross hallway; to go to courtyard Meet at the North flagpole Don’t run or fool around Don’t dottle

15 Safety Information Lock-Down Drill Take out cell phones immediately turn off and place cell phones in homework bin Lights will be turned off, and doors locked. No talking! No noise! No fooling around! If you happen to be out of the class when a lock-down is announced, move to the closest classroom!

16 Safety Information Evacuation Drill Leave all belongs in classroom. THIS MEANS YOUR CELL PHONE. Go out classroom door and go left Go out double-doors and down ramp (to the right) to student parking lot. Go to stadium and enter next to sports annex Go to far end (about 20 yard line) SEAT DOWN ON FIELD!

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