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Global Warming oJAbATJCugs.

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1 Global Warming oJAbATJCugs


3 What is greenhouse effect? There are gases in the air that can trap heat from the sun. These gases are: –Water vapour –Carbon dioxide –Methan –Nitrous oxide –CFCs

4 Some of these gases are naturally present in the air –Carbon dioxide for example is released when plants respire –Water vapour is in the air because water evaporates from the seas and oceans –Bacteria breaks down in the soil also release methane. Cows too.

5 The Greenhouse effect is the warming process of the earth’s environment. In the night, this heat keeps us from freezing. We can live comfortably because it is not too cold. Plants also need the heat to stay alive.


7 There is a great increase of greenhouse gases in our environment these days because –We are burning fossil fuels when we use our cars and for industrial purposes These gases don’t break down easily and so they stay in the air so more heat is trapped What do you think is happening to the earth as a result of this heating? See page 169 of textbook


9 Results….of Global Warming Change in weather conditions –Generally our earth is hotter by 1.5 to 4.5 degrees –More water will evaporate If the country already has very dry weather conditions, this will make the country even drier so less rainfall Plants and animals will suffer There may not be enough water to grow food for the people People starve and die

10 Famine

11 Severe weather




15 Rising Sea Levels When the temperature rises, sea levels are likely to rise too The heat will cause ice caps in the North Pole and South Pole to melt The sea levels could rise between 20cm to 50cm. – _6ZY _6ZY




19 What can we do? qRK48 qRK48

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