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Global Warming Effect By Vineet G6A. The Earth System Study of Ecology and Biosphere.

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1 Global Warming Effect By Vineet G6A

2 The Earth System Study of Ecology and Biosphere

3 Ecology Ecology is the study of the interactions of organisms with one another and their physical environment.


5 Biosphere The Living Globe The Biosphere is that part of the Earth in which life exists.


7 There are many types of ecosystems in nature. All ecosystems are interconnected. Any change in one would affect on the other. Even climate change would affect on the ecosystem. So we have to protect sustainability of the Earth system. Sustainability of the Earth System

8 NOW The Climate Change has taken place… The Earth is getting warmer….

9 What is Global Warming? Global Warming is the rise in temperature of the surface of the entire Earth.

10 Why is the Earth’s temperature rising? Human actions affect the Earth by releasing more carbon dioxide into air along with greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

11 Greenhouse Gases Carbon dioxide 30% increase Source: Fossil fuel burning, deforestation Methane 145% increase Source: Rice cultivation, cattle & ship Nitrous Oxide 15% increase Source: Industry and agriculture (fertilizers) Water vapor 35% increase Source: Evaporation % increase due to human actions

12 Greenhouse Gases Carbon dioxide Methane Nitrous Oxide Water vapor

13 What is Greenhouse Effect? Greenhouse gases are needed in the atmosphere to trap the heat from the Sun so the Earth will not be cold. When the Sun hits the Earth, some energy gets trapped by greenhouse gases like a blanket. Too little greenhouse gases, the Earth will too cold; Too much greenhouse gases, the Earth will be too hot. So just right amount of greenhouse gases will be OK for the Earth. We are adding more greenhouse gases into atmosphere every single day resulting warming the Earth more every single day. This is a great problem by Human Actions !

14 Greenhouse Effect

15 Causes of Greenhouse Effect Main cause of greenhouse effect is fossil fuels. Any carbon-containing fuel coming from the decayed remains of prehistoric plants and animals, e.g. coal, peat, petroleum, and natural gas. When we burn fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere to add greenhouse gases. The more fossil fuels are burned, the more greenhouse gases are released. That is why the Earth is getting warmer.

16 Fossil fuels are burned when we -drive a car -take the bus -use electricity -cook food -travel by plane -use hot water -iron clothes -watch TV -have anything made of plastic Fossil fuels are limited and are non-renewable. So our current way of life is the real problem.

17 Impact of Global Warming Increased respiratory health problems

18 Flooding Global warming relocates rainfall. Warmer air has more moisture. Warmer oceans release more moisture. Damage to societies.

19 Drought Dry areas will get dryer. Crops cannot be grown. Millions of people will have to starve.

20 Water Shortage Areas stricken by drought, will have less fresh water. Melting glaciers in mountains will provide water to millions of people and animals. Water scarcity will life of people and animals will be at risk Global tensions will rise.

21 Spread of pests and disease Warm earth will carry diseases harmful to humans and animals. Some of the pests will destroy the trees leading to deforestation.

22 Famine Water shortage and drought will lead to famine. World will face a big problem.

23 Soil Erosion There will be nothing to hold the soil when a tree or a plant is removed. Nutrients on the top layer will be washed away. It will be very hard to grow food. Millions of people will die of hunger.

24 Melting glaciers Melting glaciers will threaten water resources. When glaciers melt, sea level will rise. Darker land underneath will expose, suns heat cannot be reflected and will be trapped to speed up further melting.

25 Coral Reef Destruction Ocean will absorb more carbon dioxide. Acidic ocean will be dangerous for marine life. Ocean ecosystem will be effecting. Coral reefs and plankton will be damaged.

26 Fires Increased temperatures will and storms will lead to severe fire forests. Carbon dioxide will be increased in the atmosphere.

27 Species Extinction Change in climate will lead to many species to relocate or extinction. Polar bear is already in dander situation.

28 Economic instability Frequent natural disasters, droughts, water and food shortages, troubled oceans, high sea level will lead to economic instability among many nations.

29 Solution of global warming Everyone of us should contribute and take action immediately to save the Earth from global warming. Remember the three R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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