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Ozone depletion Ozone is O3.

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1 Ozone depletion Ozone is O3.
Making styrofoam, air conditioners, and refrigerants releases CFC’s CFC’s “eat” the ozone ozone protects us from the UV radiation of the sun2wv

2 Causes and Effects of ozone depletion.
ozone is “eaten” by CFC’s causing holes in the protective layer that allows UV light to get to Earth. EFFECTS UV light causes cancer through exposure to the sunlight ozone cannot be replaced easily

3 Greenhouse effect “global warming”
Carbon dioxide, methane and other gases surround the earth. Heat from the sun hits the earth and bounces off. Heat is then trapped by these atmospheric gases

4 Causes and effects for greenhouse effect
cars, factories, volcanoes and lack of plants lead to increased gases EFFECTS atmosphere heats up. Polar ice caps melt increasing sea levels Coastal areas flood weather changes

5 Acid precipitation “Acid rain”
Water normally has a pH of 7 “Clean” rain has a pH of 5.6 due to carbon dioxide in the air. Sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide are released by sulfur burning factories, cities, & other polluters Sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide form acids when mixed w/ water.

6 Causes and effects of Acid rain
pollution from cities and factories causes rain to be acidic downwind from the polluters EFFECTS Ponds, lakes, and streams become acidic causing wildlife to die or become sick. Kills trees and dissolves manmade materials

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