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Welcome to St. Andrew’s Parents’ Meeting September 15 th and 17 th 2015 Together, we love life, learning and God.

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1 Welcome to St. Andrew’s Parents’ Meeting September 15 th and 17 th 2015 Together, we love life, learning and God

2  A general introduction to some changes from the Headteacher  An introduction to new staff  A chance to meet the Teachers and visit the classrooms  An opportunity to hear from the Teachers about learning in each Year Group The Purpose

3  Our Vision  Together we love life, learning and God  Our Values  Love, Courage and Friendship  Our Mission  At St. Andrew’s we will develop and nurture the children in our care, by providing a high quality education within a creative, Christian environment. Our Vision, Values and Mission

4  Artificial grass laid in the infant playground, Reception and Nursery areas  New roofs on four of the buildings  New fencing and benches in the junior playground  A sensory room, large group room and office space created from the old ICT room  33 brand new mac books leased, with funding from the PTA New improvements and changes this year

5 Attendance and Punctuality  The school bell is rung at 8.55am. Please make sure your child is in their line at this time  If your child is late, please go straight to the office and see Mrs Bradly or Mrs Bryant  We celebrate individual and class attendance in assemblies  66 children gained 100% attendance last year, with many more achieving 98-99%

6  The current National Curriculum for all schools in England began in September 2014 for most year groups  Years 2 and 6 will now be following the same curriculum  The government says the new curriculum concentrates on the “essential knowledge and skills every child should have”  The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for children in Nursery and Reception, remains the same  The IPC is followed in Years 1 to 6. The units cover the foundation subjects (history, geography, science, technology, computing, art and music)  RE is taught in all year groups The National Curriculum

7  Parent workshops to be arranged throughout the year  Curriculum Letters for each year group will be available on the website in the next two weeks  These will also be displayed in the entrance to the school  Please check the website as we are constantly updating it: Curriculum meetings

8  We expect children to wear their school uniform according to the policy  We ask that children do not bring large rucksacks and bags into school. We haven’t the space and they are not required  Children need a waterproof coat, book bag, lunchbox  Lunchboxes – please do not overfill the lunchboxes with food. Give them what you know they will eat. We encourage all children to eat vegetables and fruit at lunchtimes  We are a nut free school  No fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or sweets Uniform and Lunches

9  Many letters are sent via Parentmail. If you are not receiving these, please check with the office staff  We also send text messages as reminders for clubs, events and important information  Newsletters are posted on the website every fortnight. These contain diary dates, events and celebrations of the school’s week. You will be sent a text with a link to the website page  Our website is regularly updated and provides information about our curriculum, key stage results, etc. And finally…

10  Parking – please park with consideration to our residents and not in front of drives or on the school zig zag lines  Scooters – all children, particularly pre-school children are to walk with their scooter, once inside the school grounds  Trim trail - the climbing areas are not supervised before or after school. So as a health and safety precaution, we ask that children are kept away from these areas  You will now be going to your child’s classroom to meet the Teachers and to listen to a short presentation. This is a general meeting and not a time to have a specific meeting about your child. Individual parent meetings will take place in early November. And finally, continued…

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