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The Ridge Junior School Year 3 September 2014. Ensuring a smooth transition We have been working very closely with Broadway to ensure a smooth transition.

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1 The Ridge Junior School Year 3 September 2014

2 Ensuring a smooth transition We have been working very closely with Broadway to ensure a smooth transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. Year 3 teachers have visited Purple & Blue class Year 2 have attended celebration assemblies Met Year 5 buddies Shared playtimes at The Ridge and Broadway Lunch at The Ridge Tour of The Ridge and worked in Year 3 classrooms

3 At the beginning of Year 3 We will assess the children to gain a clear understanding of the level at which they are currently working. This will inform our planning so that we can ensure the work is pitched at the correct level for all children. Using these September assessments and our knowledge of your child, they will be put into Literacy and Numeracy groups with children of a similar ability within the class. The children are also grouped across the year for daily spelling lessons.

4 Behaviour Rewards and Sanctions Raffle tickets to reward good behaviour House points to reward good effort or attainment in their learning Golden time can be earned on a weekly basis. Stickers Verbal praise Visit to Mr. Boult for praise Informing parents – certificates/feedback Follow behaviour policy Behaviour sanction sheet Visit to Mr. Boult to reinforce expectations of behaviour Informing parents of our concerns

5 School Houses In September your child will be placed into a school “House”. They will remain in this house throughout their school life. Each week the house points are collected and the winning house is announced in a celebration assembly. Your child will also represent their house at sports day events.

6 A typical school day Children are allowed on the school site from 8.40am. There will be no supervision before this time. If riding to school on a bike or scooter, the children must secure them using the racks by the Bridge Garden. The bell rings at 8.50am and your child will line up with their belongings ready for the teacher. Your child’s class teacher will collect them and take to their classroom. At the end of the day please collect your child from outside the same door.

7 Typical daily timetable 8.50 am Children enter classroom Registration and Bell Work (If you arrive after this time please report to the school office) 9.00 – 9.15 am Reading Activity 9.15 – 10.15 am Numeracy 10.15 am Playtime and Snack 10.30 am Snappy Lessons (Spelling lessons) 11.00 am Literacy 12.00 noon Lunch (Quiet Room) 1.00 – 2.30pm Topic Lessons/P.E/ICT/Music/French/R.E 2.30 - 2.50pm Class Story and Packing up 2.50 – 3.10 pm Assembly 3. 15 pm Home Time

8 Reading in Year 3 Your child will be expected to read as often as possible and change their book whenever necessary. Children will get a sticker if they have read 4 times during the week. We will check reading records on a Wednesday. In Key Stage 2 reading comprehension is developed alongside decoding and word recognition skills.

9 Homework Each week your child will have homework activities to complete linked to current learning Reading Spellings Number Bonds/Times tables Your child will be given homework every Friday to be completed for the following Wednesday. If you need any guidance or your child needs some support to complete the task please do not hesitate to see the class teacher.

10 Clubs We run a variety of after school and lunchtime clubs that your child will have the opportunity to take part in. Please find information in your information packs about the clubs we will be running this year. In addition to these clubs, we would also like to run a touch typing course. If you are interested, please leave your name at the office and they will contact you if this course will be running.

11 Keeping you informed 1. Contact details The school will send e-mails and text messages via school comms. Please ensure your e-mail and phone number is kept up to date at Broadway, as this information will automatically transfer to us at the end of term. In September, a data sheet will be sent to you. Please check this information carefully, annotate any changes and return it to the office. We will also send you information in September about an app you will have to download to make online payments to the school.

12 2. Communication Newsletters are e-mailed to parents every two weeks. Please can you check your e-mail inbox regularly as this is our preferred way of communicating with you. Our website displays up to date information and a whole school calendar of events. You can also find information about term dates, school polices and year group curriculum newsletters.

13 Parental Support We welcome any parent/carer support in school and if you would like to help in the classroom, be part of a club, or have a skill that you wish to offer us, please see your child’s class teacher. FOS raise money for the school and run numerous events during the year. New members are always welcome and we are looking to have 2 parent/carer reps per class next year. FOS AGM is Wednesday 17 th September 2014 at 3.30pm.

14 Parent Link Worker Mrs Davis, an experienced member of our school staff and Year 3 TA, will help parents and carers ensure their children learn well and flourish. Contact Mrs Davis through the school office if you need any information or support. Coffee morning to meet Mrs Davis and Mrs Day (SENCo) on Tuesday 15 th July 2014 at 9am

15 Preparing your child for Year 3 Independence Telling the time Money Holiday homework Postcard Activity

16 If you have any questions please let us know. Mrs Spooner and Mrs Roberts (Ash Class - 2) Miss Evans (Larch Class – 1)

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