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A People Place If this is not a place where tears are understood

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1 A People Place If this is not a place where tears are understood
If this is not a place where tears are understood Where can I go to cry? If this is not a place where my spirit can take wing Where do I go to fly? If this is not a place where my questions can be asked Where do I go to seek? If this is not a place where my feelings can be heard Where do I go to speak? If this is not a place where you will accept me as I am Where can I go to be? If this is not a place where I can try to learn and grow Where do I just be me?

2 Welcome to Uplands Primary School
Reception class, September 2014

3 Aims of the meeting…. To give general information about the Reception Class arrangements for September 2014. To provide an insight into the Reception Class aims and the way these are delivered on a daily basis.

4 Before starting school
Every child will…. Have the opportunity to attend 3 drop in sessions Have the opportunity for a Home Visit Complete an ‘All About Me’ In addition… Staff will liaise and visit Nursery / Preschools

5 Arrangements for September
All children begin school on Wed 3rd September School gates open at 8:40 am. The school day begins at 8:50am Children begin the school induction programme and are to be collected from the side gate at 12:15pm for the first week only. Then 1:30pm for the following three weeks Children following the induction programme will be full time from Monday 29th September. (Collect at 3:10pm from the Reception class door)

6 Our Reception aims are to…
build on children’s previous knowledge and skills by exploring their ideas and interests provide a caring, inspiring and challenging learning environment encourage curiosity, independence and confidence value individuality and celebrate achievements

7 Key Person Each child will be assigned a key person when they start school The role of the key person is ……. To ensure that every child feels settled and secure For parents to discuss issues and share achievements

8 The Reception Curriculum (the seven areas of learning) 3 Prime areas and 4 Specific areas
Communication and language (CL) Physical Development (PD) Personal, Social, Emotional, Development (PSED) Literacy (L) Mathematics (M) Understanding the world (UW) Expressive arts and design (EAD)

9 Delivering the curriculum
Adult led activities (30%) Independent activities (20%) Child initiated activities (50%)

10 Child initiated activities.
Both classroom and outside areas are split into different areas. Within each area, teachers will set out resources which provide opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and skills in all 7 areas of learning Children are expected to choose where to work and decide what they will achieve from their learning Children can freely move between areas enabling them to develop their independence as learners Children are expected to find and put away their own resources

11 The areas… Reading and Quiet area Number and Maths
Investigation and World Roleplay and Small World Construction Wet and Messy area Creative Workshop Gross and Fine Motor Skills Mark Making and Writing

12 2Build A Profile. Online profile using the class ipad to capture learning moments and achievements Opportunity to send more regular reports of the children’s work Opportunity for parents to contribute more easily to the profile

13 The Foundation stage profile.
Each child has a profile in the form of a Learning Journal 2Build A Profile There are 17 targets in the profile. 20% adult led assessments. 80% child initiated assessments. Parents are actively encouraged to contribute to their child’s Learning Journal

14 General information about the Reception school day.
08:40-8:50 Kick start 9:00- 9:15 Register introduction to day’s activities 9:15-10:45 Adult led tasks/Child Initiated Learning time 10:45-11:00 Number Rhymes/Activities Snack time/ Break time with rest of school 11:15-11:40 Phonics 11:40-12:15 Story time 12:15-1:15 Lunchtime 1: Register 1:20-2:45 Adult led tasks/Child Initiated Learning time 2:45-3;10 Assembly/Home Time

15 Home support. Encourage your child to play co-operatively with other children Encourage your child to take responsibility for his/her own needs and possessions including book bags and lunch boxes Persuade your child to leave toys and comforter at home Please show your child how to dress and undress ready for PE. Velcro or buckled shoes make it easier for your child to be independent Help your child to use the toilet independently Encourage your child to tidy up toys, books and games after using them Talk and read with your child and encourage your child to talk with other children and adults.

16 What we would like from you.
To support your child’s learning at home To keep us informed of any concerns or information that may affect your child’s learning and behaviour at school To give support to our active PTA To encourage your child to practice good personal hygiene To help your child to be independent when undressing and dressing for P.E. and when putting on their coats To prepare your child to feel secure when eating in the dining room To name all your child’s clothing

17 What you can expect from us….
Enthusiasm! We want to provide your children with the best education possible. An open door policy.

18 Any Questions…..

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