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Global Studies Mr. Chrismer

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1 Global Studies Mr. Chrismer
The Sudan Global Studies Mr. Chrismer

2 Colonialism The Sudan region was ruled jointly by the British and Egypt (known as the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan) Great Britain and Egypt ruled the Sudan as a condominium (a region where 2 or more foreign powers formally agree to rule jointly). The Northern part is Islamic and Arab speaking, while the South is Christian and more English speaking. Sudan received independence on January 1, 1956.

3 Problems The government was dominated by the North and Islamic policy.
The country has been involved in 2 Civil Wars ( , ). In 1989, current leader Omar Al-Bashir gained power in a military coup

4 Problems cont’d In 2003, a new rebellion begin in the Darfur region.
The Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and Justice Equality Movement (JEM) rebel groups felt the central government neglected the Darfur region. Wanted improved conditions. Sudanese government contacted the Janjaweed (Arab militias) to fight the resistance movements in Darfur Janjaweed have interest in gaining land controlled by the rebels in the Darfur region.

5 Darfur The Janjaweed have been accused of ethnic cleansing and acts of genocide in the Darfur region. Fighting has displaced hundreds of thousands of people with some fleeing to neighboring Chad. Some estimate that 20,000 to several hundred thousand are dead from the conflict or disease from the conflict.

6 Present Sudan After repeated rejections by the Sudan government, UN peacekeepers were allowed in Darfur in 2007. Several attempts at peace between Darfur and the government has deteriorated.

7 South Sudan In 2011, the Christian South received independence.
Problems still persist. Sudan and South Sudan dispute a region called Abyei Oil and resources divided the two. South Sudan is landlocked but holds the oil fields. Sudan contains the majority of pipelines to transport oil

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